/How to Increase Gas Mileage

How to Increase Gas Mileage

In light of the world’s crude oil price crazy fluctuations and daily reduction of reservoirs worldwide, countries worldwide are looking at producing more efficient vehicles. Another plus point for greener vehicles is that it produces less pollutants and acid gases which is detrimental to our planet. Read on for tips on how to increase gas mileage.

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The main factor which contributes significantly to the increased in gas mileage is your driving style. Aggressive driving such as sudden acceleration and braking increases fuel usage. It is recommended to tap the accelerator lightly until your achieve your desired speed and not flooring it. Anticipate the traffic in front of you so that you can lift your foot of the accelerator and brake gently to a complete standstill slowly. This not only saves fuel but also reduces the tear and wears on your vehicle’s part. If having sufficient gas money is a concern for you, it might be a difference-maker to know details like you can actually Buy gas at Costco to save money.

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Observe speed limits on federal roads or highway. Do not drive exceeding the allowed speed limit because fuel consumption will deteriorate rapidly when you exceed 120km/hr. more fuel will be used to overcome rolling resistant and increasing drag coefficient caused by wind. Moreover speed kills, so why risk your precious life and burn more fuel?

Remove excess weight on your vehicle to gain that extra mileage. More weight adds resistant to the tires thus requiring more gas for acceleration. Those who added heavy subwoofer or rims will notice poor fuel consumption. Strip it bare like those race car drivers to achieve superior performance thus, better fuel consumption.

Ensure that your engine is well maintained and properly tuned for fuel economy. Change all lubrication at timely interval to keep the internals in good shape. Replace faulty oxygen sensor to see a reduction in fuel intake. It is recommended to perform a complete overhaul if engine has clocked 200000 km or more to bring back lost performance.

You can improve gas mileage by ensuring that your tires are properly inflated. This is because under inflated tires increases rolling resistant, resulting in lower lifespan of the tires. It could be dangerous driving long distance as the damaged thread walls might give way anytime resulting in lost of control of the vehicle.

Lastly, plan your trip in advance to avoid traffic jams or last minute rush to your destination. This is especially true during festive seasons where families ply the same route at the same time causing massive jams and long queues at the tolls. It is advisable to tune into your local radio station to know about the traffic condition and then plan on the best route to follow to ensure smooth drive home.

You will notice considerable savings in the long run by following these exact tips.

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