/How to Install a Big Block Chevy Manifold

How to Install a Big Block Chevy Manifold

The term “big block” has to do with automobile engines. It is actually a series of engines that were of large displacement, and they were developed many years ago. These engines are proportionate to automobile sizes. As automobiles grew in size, the design and function of engines had to keep pace. Small block engines were gradually introduced since then. However, the larger engines were still needed to power medium duty trucks and heavier cars. The range of big blocks had since expanded to include many types of specifications. A correct manifold ensures that your engine run at optimal efficiency. Here are some guidelines on how to install a big block Chevy manifold.

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Prior to installation, you will need certain tools and a good space to work in. The materials and tools needed include non-hardening sealant, oil, silicone sealant, torque wrench and ratchet. You will also need protective clothing as a safety measure. Choose a comfortable space to work in. Avoid places with many disruptions because though this is a fairly easy task, you will need to be able to concentrate well to prevent accidents from occurring. To prepare the block, conduct a check on all the gaskets to ensure proper sealing. If needed, seal them immediately using a sealant. Take heed in observing the gasket heads and water ports as well.

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Instead of gaskets, you can use a bead of silicone to produce an airtight connection. Lower the manifold into place only when everything looks correct, especially the oil splash guard. To line up the bolt holes, you may need multiple adjustments. If possible, request for help. Use a non-hardening sealant to prevent leaks from the bolts. As you tighten the bolts, take note in understanding the tightening and loosening sequences. As a general rule, most begin from the middle and work outwards. Another important step is to torque each bolt to the same rating using the wrench. If you are not able to access the bolt, you can use a box wrench. Your manifold is now properly installed and ready for use.

Always bear in mind that safety should be your topmost priority at all times. These tips on how to install a big block Chevy manifold are particularly useful if you own a Chevy or intend to install a big block. If you need extra advice, there are various sources where you can read up more on this topic.

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