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How to Mount Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They require change from time to time as the markings are worn out or when the tire goes flat prematurely. When this happens, the tires are dismounted and new tires are mounted according to their suitability. Your local technician and mechanic would know the best fitting for your car rim.

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Tire-mounting is a serious affair that requires professional assistance. Tires should be well maintained and mounted appropriately to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. Special tools are also required due to the tremendous energy contained in compressed air. Improper mounting or damaged tires can burst suddenly, causing serious injury to the person. Seek professional assistance at all times. Listed here are some ways on how to mount tires.

Firstly, let’s assume that you need to make a tire change. Before you can mount the tire, you would need to remove the existing tire. You will need to release the air out of the tire you wish to dismount. A tire stern removal tool may be helpful to enable a quicker completion of this process. The bead on the old tire has to be broken. You can use a bead breaker for this. For maximum leverage, place it just beyond the rim.

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After removing the tire, you can now focus on choosing the right size of tire for your rim. This is very important because if not done correctly, everything else will fail to work as well. Place a new valve stem in as well. Mounting is completed in an easier manner these days with help from a mounting machine. You need to be careful not to damage both the tire and rim along the way. In some cases, the mounting machine may be part of the spin balance machine. If unsure, consult the help of your local technician on how to handle the machine. However, the general guideline would be to place the tire into the spin balance machine.

Wheel weight is then placed accordingly. After that, you should inflate your tire properly. There is a general guideline for the appropriate pressure for every vehicle. Conduct monthly checking to ensure that your tires are in optimal pressure condition. The next step after inflation is to ensure that your tires are aligned correctly.

It is hoped that this article answers your questions on how to mount tires. When in doubt, always seek the advice of your local technician to prevent mishaps and accidents while mounting tire.

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