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How to Park on a Hill

Sometimes, it is just not possible to park your vehicle on a level surface. Due to landscape design, even buildings are built on slopes and it is likely that you will encounter the need to park on a slope every once in awhile. Parking on hills and areas with slope need not be intimidating. All you need to bear in mind is to park properly and take all precautionary steps to prevent your vehicle from ending up downhill. When done correctly, parking on slope is as easy as parking on a level surface. This is a skill required of every driver. Before you qualify as competent driver, you will need to master the skill of parking on hills and slopes.

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Whether you are parking uphill or downhill, here are some general reminders on how to park on a hill. If it is possible, always opt to park perpendicular to the hill. This is the safest position and you can be sure that your car will not end up downhill. However, if you must park parallel to the hill, use your brakes well to accomplish this task. Ensure that your brakes are in good condition. This gives you peace of mind. The following steps are extra measures to enhance the overall safety of your vehicle when parked on a hill. When parking on a slope with curb and you are facing downhill, turn the steering wheel toward the curb. This also means that your front tire will be facing the curb. This gives the vehicle extra grip and is a preventive measure against accidents. In the event the vehicle does roll downhill, it will roll away from the traffic.

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In the case of uphill parking, the opposite is true. Turn your steering wheel away from the curb. Back in slowly so the rear tire is against the curb. Depending on whether your car possesses manual or automatic transmission, always remember to leave it in gear. Be it park, reverse, or low, setting the car in gear gives it better retention and secures the position of the car. Engage the vehicle’s brake system and you can now turn of the ignition switch. Your car should not slip after all these measures are taken. You can always adjust your vehicle position to ensure that it is closer to the curb for added safety.

These are pointers on how to park on a hill successfully. Knowledge and confidence on parking on hills and slopes are essential to help you be a better driver.

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