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How to Polish a Car

One of the more important aspects of car maintenance is wash and polish. Both are crucial steps to keep the car looking shiny and new, even up to many years of use. The harsh climates of certain countries require car owners to take extra care in maintaining the shine and coating condition of their vehicle. If you are a car owner, be sure to polish your vehicle routinely to keep it in tip-top condition. Polishes basically come in various forms such as paste, liquid and a combination of two or more products to be used together. Bear in mind that a good finish takes time and effort. However, the results will leave you satisfied for a long time. You should also take on this task as soon as you notice problems such as nicks or scratches. This helps to prevent the vehicle from succumbing to rust.

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How to polish a car? Before you start waxing or polishing your vehicle, you should ensure that it’s clean by giving it a good and thorough wash. There are many wash products available in the market. Select a suitable one according to your vehicle needs. Keep the vehicle away from sun as you wash. Take time to carefully read through the car polish label and given instructions. Some products may require certain conditions to be able to work optimally (i.e. stated temperature).

Always work the vehicle one section at a time. If you apply the product without remembering the area sequence, you will be consuming extra energy and time to complete the task, not to mention wasting product as well.

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Apply approximately a dollop of polish (1-inch circle) to a dampened and clean cloth. The cloth should be made of cotton terry. This is the best material in comparison to other cloth materials. You can purchase the cloth from any local bedding and cloth department or hypermarket stores. Using the cloth and with a dollop of product, rub the car body in a circular motion. Remember to avoid areas such as plastic handle as they may cause adverse reaction. Again, read the product label if unsure. Allow the polish to dry. After drying, use another towel of the same type to buff the polish. Repeat this process until you’ve covered the whole car.

Polishing enhances the shine and look of your vehicle. Purchase a suitable and good product to give your car that lasting shine. The abovementioned are just some of the basic ways to polish your car effectively. You can also read up on how to polish a car through various sources.

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