/How to Replace Your Car’s Rear View Mirror

How to Replace Your Car’s Rear View Mirror

As a move that is surprisingly flimsy to most car owners, automobile manufacturers attach the rear view mirror to the interior side of the windshield with a strong adhesive. Here are some casting epoxy resin suppliers you can purchase from. This actually makes a lot of sense because drilling an anchor for the mirror risks breaking the windshield.

Replace Rear View Mirror at How to Replace Your Car’s Rear View Mirror

Sometimes though, car owners are faced with an inconvenience precipitated by constant cycles of heat and humidity, often aggravated by the enclosed atmosphere of the car itself. As such, you may find yourself wondering one morning how to replace your car’s rear view mirror when you find it dangling off its mount, or even on the floor of the car. Even the weight of useless windshield ornaments can bring about the downfall of the rear view mirror!

Luckily, rear view mirror replacement kits are available at most auto supply stores. The weather matters when you’re thinking of how to replace your car’s rear view mirror as well. Since it was the humidity that hastened its detachment, you should ensure that the weather is dry before you reinstall it. Preferably, work in a shaded area away from strong sunlight, which can have a detrimental effect on the adhesive. Safety is also important because fumes from the adhesive used can be overpowering. Make sure to work in a ventilated area with the windows down or the car doors open.

Rear View Mirror at How to Replace Your Car’s Rear View Mirror

Mark the position of the first mirror on the outside of the windshield with marker, hopefully one with washable ink. This provides an accurate guide when you reattach the mirror. Old, dried adhesive on the inside of the windshield can be scraped off with a flat-headed scraper. Stubborn remnants can be induced to relinquish their hold with heat and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol also serves to clean the glass of any oily fingerprint residues and dirt.

Clean the attachment point of the mirror of any dried chunks of adhesive. However, you should detach the mirror from its attachment button before you do so with either a screwdriver or a wrench. Mark the button so you know which end faces up. Do not mark the button on the face where the adhesive will be applied as it will be scraped off when you clean away the old adhesive. Scrape off the old adhesive and wipe the surface with alcohol as was done with the windshield. Sandpaper can also be used to remove adhesive and provide a cleaner surface to work with.

Following the instructions on the rear view mirror repair kit, apply adhesive to the button. Make sure it’s positioned right side up before actually pressing it to the glass. The button should be held in place with gentle pressure for up to a minute for the adhesive to take hold. Subsequently, the reattached button can be left for an hour or even overnight for the adhesive to cure completely before the mirror is reattached.

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