/ATP’s (All Terrain Pickups)

ATP’s (All Terrain Pickups)

All Terrain Pickups (ATP) are perfect vehicles for individuals belonging to rigid topography, as they are built to waver of the trouble faced in different terrains.ATPs are one of the options for those, who want to store along with drive over hard and rigid terrains. ATP comes in different sizes and trims along with variety of engines, bed lengths and suspension levels. They provide cargo facility up to an extent along with several recreational options.

ATP: A Work Horse

The concept of ATPS is surely taken from the ATVs. An ATP is a unique blend of ATV along with added storage features. In generic terms, these vehicles can be referred to as work horse due to their size, storage space and ability to ride on multiple terrains.

ATP at ATPs (All Terrain Pickups)

Storage partition as key feature

The key feature of an ATP is its storage partition, as its gives the spacious real estate similar to a traditional pickup. Most of the ATPs can hold up to 90 pounds and you can sometimes strap more load on the top as well. The front storage compartment of most of the ATPs is small, so that you can easily see the obstacles in front of you and can avoid them with minimum difficulty.

Engine Braking & Shift Lever Options

Almost all the ATPs has engine braking and shift lever options that makes them response briskly and effectively like a 500 cc motor. With most of these vehicles, there comes a built in receiver hitch, which helps in hauling them easily and efficiently on almost all terrains.

Role of dump beds in ATP

The dump bed of most of the ATPs has a storage limit of 400 pounds. However, you have to dump it manually. It requires you to lift the bed up and then dump all the things inside. The ATP is ideal for hauling and carrying heavy loads. The basic design of these vehicles has been done to facilitate farmers, hunters and campers, who mostly own large estates and farm houses for the ease of their activities. Most of the APTs have side compartments as well for storing things like maps, drink bottles, wireless phones and first aid kits.

Polaris ATP at ATPs (All Terrain Pickups)

Why productivity of ATP has increased further?

The productivity of ATPs is further increased by the range of equipment it holds like trailers, plows, rakes and aerators. Such vehicles are not only used for hauling, but you can also use it for recreational activity including camping. You can easily load accessories like tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipments. One thing about this vehicle, which will impress you more, is that, in spite of including such heavy load, comfort feel while you drive on them is still present.

An ATP can serve diverse needs with simplicity and effortlessly. It is the first and far most choice of the people living in rigid terrains, as it serves best in such areas.

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