/ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles)

ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles)

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are stable and unwavering option for most drivers. They are designed to travel on most landscapes, due the structure of their tires.Most people confuse the term ‘All terrain vehicles’ with ‘motorcycles’. However, there is a considerable difference between both the terms and vehicle types. All terrain vehicles are much more stable and unwavering, as compared to motorcycles and other two wheelers. They have a strong engine ranging from 49 to 1000 cc along with low-pressure tires designed to make it travel on wide variety of terrain and land. The ride on the all terrain vehicle is more stable and steady due the structure of its tires.

All terrain vehicles are easy to operate similar to a motorcycle, as it has straddling seat and bars to control the steering by the operator. The history of these vehicles is rooted back in 1893 when Royal Enfield built and sold a Quadra cycle. However, the structure of modern day all terrain vehicles were made two to three decades back in United States as a part of a joint venture by Honda and other Japanese companies.

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During 1960, many companies introduced various all terrain vehicles that were capable of travelling in swamps, streams, ponds as well the dry and dodgy land. Most of them were made of hard plastic or fiberglass, which allowed them to be ideal for curt usage at various territories. There are a number of varieties of ATVs including three wheelers, four wheelers and racing models.

Honda made the first three-wheeler ATV and it was a hit in the industry. It had typical balloon tires and an impressive built, which made it a remarkable symbol of style in the early 70s. Honda also designed sports model of the ATVs for achieving a monopoly over the market in terms of design and spare parts placement. ATC200E Big Red by Honda was a remarkable model, as it had suspension and racks along with the basic design.  ATC250R was another incredible three-wheeler by Honda that also rocked the market for a considerable period of time. Other competitors of Honda were Suzuki, Kawasaki, Tiger ATV, Franks and Cagiva. However, they were unable to outshine the leaders in terms of both repute and variety.

However, Suzuki was the leader in providing four-wheeler ATVs in the market. They introduced Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer in 1985.  It got the manual five-speed transmission, liquid cool two-stroke motor and long travel suspension. It was a machine designed for skilled racing. Most manufacturers of three wheelers switched to four wheelers production, as the safety issues associated with the three-wheeler ATVs became a cause of concern for them.

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The major drawback with three wheelers ATV was that it had a lighter front end due to single wheel, which made it liable to rollovers, which were a potential hazard. There are certain safety and legal issues associated with these vehicles. Most people think that they can cause of injuries and deaths along with erosion, land defacement and noise pollution. There are much consent regarding the safe usage of ATVs, which must be followed to ensure proper safety and security.

Today, most companies restrict themselves to the production of sports models, as they are lighter, small and accelerate quickly in comparison to others so you can simply go online to find a road legal quad for sale UK pretty easily. Famous racing models from various companies are Can-Am DS-450, Honda Sportrax 400EX, Kawasaki KFX700, Kawasaki Mojave 250, Kawasaki KFX400, Yamaha Raptor 350, Arctic Cat DVX400, Kawasaki Lakota Sport 300, Suzuki QuadSport Z400, Bombardier/Can-Am DS650, Yamaha Raptor 700R/660R, Polaris Outlaw 500, Polaris Scrambler 500, Polaris Predator 500 and Polaris Outlaw 525.

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