/Auto Transporters That Use Trucks for Shipping Cars

Auto Transporters That Use Trucks for Shipping Cars

Many auto transporters will use flat bed trucks or double decker rack trucks to move your car. These are open-air trucks that will not protect your car from the elements. In most cases, the rack trucks will travel with many cars and make deliveries along the way. This is a cheap car delivery and can save you some money. The only thing about transporting cars on trucks is that it is only done in the country and travels between states. Inexpensive auto transporters are known for using this type of shipping method more so than a flat bed.

 at Auto Transporters That Use Trucks for Shipping Cars

Securing the Car for Transport

Because the car is going to be exposed to the elements and there is no security that you would have with an enclosed container, you will have to make sure that all of you belongings all out of the car. Any GPS units, radar detectors or visible speakers should be removed for the trip. This is just a precautionary measure and may not be required by the auto transporters. You also have to give the keys to the driver, which should include a door and ignition key. Make sure that you document any damage inside and outside of the car if any before it is loaded on the truck.

Insurance for Transport

The auto transporter will have insurance for the car transport, but you should also have insurance from the company in case something would happen in transport. There could be rocks thrown up, or hail storms along the way or maybe an accident. You have to make sure that your automobile transporter will cover any damage or loss in the event something happens. You will more than likely have to buy the additional insurance from the car delivery service that you are using unless you can get a rider on your current car insurance.

Flat Bed Auto Transporters

If you have just one or two cars to move, you might be able to use a flat bed truck for shipping. This will be a little more expensive that a rack truck, but it will always be just your cars on the truck until delivery. This is a way to ship from city to city or even out of state. You do have to make sure that the truck that will transport the car or cars is in good condition. You should also find out what the policy is for damage.

If you are moving a car and need a quick way to transport it, you can use this method of shipping. Auto transporters have various methods for shipping cars, but this method may be inexpensive compared to a container. Make sure the insurance is right for coverage, do an inspection before, and after you receive delivery. You want to have documentation for any flaws in the car before it leaves and then check it when you receive it. Always make sure to remove valuables from the car so that there is not possibility for theft or damage.

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