/Choosing a Car Delivery Company

Choosing a Car Delivery Company

When you have a car to transport to another city, state or country, you want to use a car delivery company that has a good reputation and has all the necessary licenses to do the job. This means that the company should be licensed for Interstate transport or international transport, depending on where you are shipping the vehicle. You want to check licenses, insurance coverage, references and check with the Department of transportation to verify licenses and find out if there are any complaints against the company. This is important if you are shipping your vehicle anywhere.

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How is the Reputation

The car delivery company should have a good reputation for shipping cars. There should be some references that you can call to conform the reputation. The DOT should have some files on the company. They should have a record of licenses and insurance for the company that you are thinking about using. The DOT will also be able to tell you if there are any complaints filed against the company and if there are, what they are and if they have been resolved. This is important information when you are trusting your vehicle to someone else.

Methods of Shipping

You might have a specific way that you want to ship your vehicle. Some companies may not have a particular shipping method that you need. The car delivery company may only offer one or two ways to ship a vehicle. If you are looking for a particular shipping method, you will have to find the companies that offer the method you need. There are rack trucks, containers, flat bed trucks and car dollies. Each method of shipment should have a different cost. One may be cheaper than another may. You have to decide which way you can afford and what way will be better for your needs.

Arrival Dates

If you are looking for a car delivery company that can get your vehicle to its destination as quickly as possible, you will have to see which company offers the best shipping method with the fastest delivery. In most cases, a container, flat bed truck or a car dolly will provide quick transport. However, you also have to consider which way will be the safest for you shipment more so than the time of the delivery. If you find fast delivery, but the shipping method may not be right, you should consider this as well.

When you need a car delivery company, you should consider all the companies and all the shipping methods more so than the time of delivery. You want your shipment to arrive on time, but you also want it to be in the same condition it was when it left you. You have to check references and the DOT to make sure the company you are choosing is the best and has a good reputation. You might even need to consider the cost and the insurance that you will need. There are decisions to make before choosing a car delivery company.

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