/Contracts from Inexpensive Automobile Transporters

Contracts from Inexpensive Automobile Transporters

There are contracts to sign for any type of shipment you make. If you use inexpensive automobile transporters, you want to make sure that the contract that you are signing is filed out correctly and that no empty spaces are left on the contract. You need to go over the document entirely before signing anything that could be changed after you add your signature. You should also know what should be included on the contract before signing it. If there any import/export papers that need to be signed, you also have to know what you are signing.

Contracts Automobile Transporters at Contracts from Inexpensive Automobile Transporters

The Contract

The contract should have your personal information excluding your social security number and bank or charge card numbers. The method of payment should be noted with the amount you have paid. The destination address and country should be on the contract. The method of shipment must be marked and how the fee fro shipping is figured. This could be by miles or a flat fee. Then there should be an area for your cost for any additional insurance.

The time of arrival and delivery should also be noted on the contract. If any other costs are needed, they should be entered in the correct areas. Before signing the contract, enter a N/A in any empty spaces. This will prevent any information from being added after you sign the contract. If any mistakes are made, a new contract should be created instead of scratching something out.

Import/Export Papers

If you are using inexpensive automobile transporters for international shipping, you will want to go over the import/export documents to make sure that all the information is correct. This includes the spelling of your name, the address the car is shipped from and the name of the shipping company. You also want to make sure that the destination address is correct. If there are any spaces for the weight of the car, make, model and year, make sure this information is correct.

If there are any costs for importing and exporting, make sure that they are written down. Then if there any empty spaces, ask questions to find out why. Most import/export documents do not contain the N/A in empty spaces. Make sure that you keep a copy of the import/export papers with your signed contract until delivery has been made. This will ensure that when delivery is made that you are not charged any more money than you have already paid.

When you are using inexpensive automobile transporters, you need to inspect all paperwork that you sign. This includes the contract and any import/export documents that you have. You should make sure that everything is correct to prevent any issues at the time of shipping or delivery. You will want to keep all documents with you until the shipment has arrived and is in your possession. After that time, you can inspect the car and make sure that everything is the same as it was when you ship it. This is just as important.

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