/Insurance and the Car Transporter

Insurance and the Car Transporter

Insurance is an important factor when you are looking for a car transporter. Just because you have insurance on your car does not mean that the car delivery service does not need to have insurance. The insurance that the company has is for any damage that they would be held liable for if something would happen. It is important that you check the insurance and see how it protects you and your car. Never rely on your own personal car insurance to cover any damage that may be done by the car delivery services.

 at Insurance and the Car Transporter

Type of Insurance Coverage

It is important to know what the insurance covers. The insurance should cover loss in the event of a fire or accident, damage no matter how small it may be and if your car is lost, it must cover replacement. These are important factors to consider when you are shipping a car anywhere. In the event an accident would occur and you car would be damaged, the company must have insurance to cover it. Read the insurance policy very carefully before signing any papers.

Licenses and Insurance

A reputable company that operates a car transport service must have a license to do so. This means that they must have insurance as required by the specific state. They also must have a license and insurance to transport out of the state and the country. If you do not see any insurance or a license, you may want to look for another car delivery service for your shipping needs.

Many insurance companies only provide the basic insurance. You must make sure that you know what that insurance covers. Some companies also require you to buy additional insurance on your car while in shipping. This does not have to be expensive, but could be depending on what the car transporter provides upfront.

In some cases, you can have a rider attached to your current car insurance policy that will cover any damages during shipping. This will cost you a little more money, but in some cases, it may be cheaper than buying insurance through the car delivery service insurance provider. You need to make sure that you know what type of coverage it is that you are getting and from where before signing any contracts. This is the most important aspect of shipping a car that will be out of your sight until delivery.

A car transport service can come in handy when you need to ship a car. The only thing that you need to remember is to check the insurance coverage after you have checked everything else. Make sure that you know exactly what is covered and what is not covered before signing any papers. You want to make sure that your vehicle is covered for anything no matter how small it may be or how large. The car transport company you choose will have to supply you a copy of the insurance as well. Keep this with you at all times until you have delivery of the car and inspect it.

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