/Methods of Shipping Used by an Auto Transporter

Methods of Shipping Used by an Auto Transporter

There are a few different methods of shipping used by an auto transporter or freight company, such as an ltl freight shipping. The company and the cost will help you determine which company and method of shipping is right for you. The car transporters use containers, rack trucks, flat beds and car dollies to ship vehicles. They have proper material handling equipment as well as rigging services for the shipping process. Every method has a different cost, which could be determined by the distance of travel or a flat fee. If the vehicle is shipped internationally, that would be another considered cost since the vehicle must have available import/export papers. Before choosing any method of shipping, you should understand the different methods and what they offer.

Container Shipping at Methods of Shipping Used by an Auto Transporter

Container Shipping

The container is a train car or cargo box. This method is used for international shipping and in some cases, point to point shipping within the country. The cargo box is a sealed container that protects your vehicle while it is in transport. The auto transporter company will seal the container and make necessary arrangements for import and export papers if the shipment is shipping overseas. Car collectors or people that own expensive vehicles often use this method.

Rack Trucking

Many auto transporter companies offer transport on a rack truck. This type of truck can hold about eight vehicles. This type of shipping method is usually done within the country and may offer a lower price if the company has many deliveries along the way to your destination. Each vehicle is loaded according to the drop off location and time. As many as eight cars or as few as two cars can be transported at a time.

Flat Bed Trucks and Car Dollies

This method is used by an auto transport company when a customer wants to get a vehicle somewhere within the country fast. The car is usually the only one on the truck and is driven straight through to the destination. This is great for someone that needs a quick delivery. The flat bed trucks could possibly haul to vehicles on the same truck depending the make and size of the vehicles.

The car dolly is a tow behind type of shipment. The car’s front wheels are off the ground and the back tires are rotating during transport. This can be a less expensive way to ship, but the chances of damage are higher than other methods of shipping. An auto company does rent these car dollies to those that wish to tow there own vehicles behind a truck or another vehicle.

If you are looking for an auto transport company, you should examine each method of shipping before deciding which one will meet your needs. If you are shipping internationally, you will definitely need to use a container. However, local shipping within the same country could mean that you can use any of these methods of shipping. You have to weigh the options and think about the time that you need the vehicle delivered within. There are a few other things to consider including insurance when you are shipping a vehicle anywhere. You want your vehicle to arrive undamaged and on time as well.






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