/Methods of Transport Used By Car Transporters

Methods of Transport Used By Car Transporters

Car transporters are experienced at moving cars across the world. You can have autos transported to another state, city or country. Depending on your vehicle or the place you are shipping it to, you may have to use a specific method of movement. The car delivery services have different methods for moving all autos depending on your request or the distance the auto will travel. The method of transportation also has to confirm with regulations for safety and any import/export laws if the car is moving out of a country.

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Car Dollies

Car dollies are one way to move cars a short distance. If you are moving a car and you have no special requirements, this might be one way to move a car, but you do risk potential damage from the road and the elements. Most car transporters do not recommend this method of transportation. This would also be the cheap car delivery service, but the potential for damage is higher.


The enclosed containers are more for cars that are high end or collectors. They are also for cars that are moving to other countries. These containers are used to secure the cars and make it easier for importing and exporting. The containers are sealed before leaving port and are not open until they arrive in the scheduled destination. One way you can ensure a safe transport of your auto is by using an enclosed container. This method may be more expensive, but it is well worth the cost to protect your vehicle.

Rack Truck Transporters

Rack trucks can transport cars around the country on trucks that haul from one to eight cars at a time. The rack trucks are inexpensive automobile transporters because the car is not contained, but is not on the road as it is with a car dolly. You can find many companies that offer this type of service from city to city or state to state.

Flat Trucks

If you have a car to move and you are looking for car transporters, you might consider a company that moves vehicles on a flat truck. This method of transportation may be more expensive than another method because usually only one vehicle is move at a time. Some trucks are large enough to move two vehicles if that is your need. Rarely does a flat truck move multiple own autos unless specified by both owners.

When the time comes to move a vehicle, you want to choose car transporters that have the right method of movement that fits your needs. If you are moving a vehicle out of the country, a container is the most secure way. If you are moving within your country, you might consider the car dollies, rack truck or a flat truck. Every situation is different and even if you choose the most inexpensive car transporters, you still have to consider the other issues such as insurance and the time it takes to move the automobile to the destination you select.

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