/Securing Your Car for a Car Transporter Company

Securing Your Car for a Car Transporter Company

Before you use a car transport to ship you car, you must do some things to make sure your car is secure for the trip. This means that you must go over the car, secure belongings, and note any flaws in the car before it leaves your sight. It is important not only for your peace of mind, but also to protect the company that will be shipping your car. There are some things that you specifically need to take care of before you have the car transporters come and pick up the car.

Securing Car Transporter at Securing Your Car for a Car Transporter Company

Inspect the Interior

Before the car leaves you, make sure to inspect the interior. You want to note anything inside the car that is damaged or flawed in any way. The last thing you want to do is blame a car transporter company for something that was already done. You should check the seats, dashboard and the floor. You should also check the trunk and not what is in the trunk such as a tire iron, spare tire and anything else that should remain with the car.

Check the Exterior

Walk around the car and check the body. Make notes of any scratches, dents and other flaws. Look underneath the car and inspect the exhaust, transmission and the overall condition. Then check the tires and the rims. Make sure you note the size of the tires and the type of rims you have.

Videos and Pictures

Before you get the car ready to ship, take a video and some pictures so that if anything would happen to the car in transport, you have a record of what the car looked like before shipping. This can be important if the company or the insurance company would debate the damage that may have occurred. This is not always the cases, but it is better to safe and have everything documented.

Reporting Any Problems

When you use a car transport company, it is important that you inspect the car before releasing the car delivery service. This is something that you can do with the operator standing by. It is important that you note any problems and report it to the delivery operator before he or she leaves. The operator should write down any issues you have and you should do the same. This information should be document on the delivery receipt and signed by both parties.

After you note any issues, you and the company will report it to the insurance company. The car transport should have given you a copy of the insurance policy with the name and telephone number of the company. This company will talk with the car transport and decide if the issues are payable or not. This is where the videos and pictures can in handy. You will be able to proof if any damage existed before the car was in shipping. You will have everything you need to show watch issues arose in shipment and the condition of the car before it left your sight. This is very important.

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