/Shipping a Container with Auto Transporters

Shipping a Container with Auto Transporters

If you have car that needs to be shipped without being exposed to the elements, you will want to ship it in an enclosed container. This container should be clean and free of any holes or debris. The car will be secured in place and any specific requirements you have will be met. You do have to discuss this with the auto transporters before shipping. There are different containers, but for the most part they use steel containers for all shipping. Some of these containers are the size of a flat rail car.

Shipping Containe at Shipping a Container with Auto Transporters

Special Conditions

If you need a shipping container with something special such a plastic sheet and carpeting down on the floor of the container, you can discuss this with the auto transporters. For the most part, they will be able to accommodate you, but you may have to supply the plastic and the carpet. Many collectors and owners of high end cars will request this service because of the condition of the car. If you have a car in mint condition, you wan to make sure that the shipping process is done with no damage or moisture getting on the car.

Sealing the Container

The container should be sealed in your presence if possible. This will ensure that your car and the container are leaving your sight as it was when you watched the car being loaded. The auto transporters will then close and secure the doors of the container. A seal is put on the doors, usually through two latches, one from each door that meet in the middle. The seal number is written on the shipping bill. Make sure that the number matches when you receive your copy of the bill.

Unsealing the Container

The container should remain sealed at all times. The only time that the seal should be removed is when you or another person responsible for the shipment is present. You should have you copy of the bill handy so that you can compare the seal number.

If the number is different, report this to the auto transporters and the operator that is releasing the shipment. Then make sure to inspect the shipment thoroughly. At this time, you can see if there are any problems with the car and report them to the operator. All issues must be reported before you sign off on the bill of lading.

Auto transporters can ship your cars in style or in normal conditions. You are the one that can choose which way is the best for your specific needs. Make sure that you see the seal being applied and removed. If there is any confusion, make sure that you report the problems right away before signing any other papers.

Use reputable auto transporters and you should have no problems with any shipments that you send anywhere in the world as long as they are licensed to move your property to that area. Look for a car delivery service that will make sure everything is done professionally.

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