/What is a Dune Buggy?

What is a Dune Buggy?

A person can enjoy the fun of driving this recreational automobile if he is aware of all the rules, regulations as well as the features of this special dune buggy.

A Dune Buggy is a lightweight leisure automobile with the characteristics of an open skeleton and a power driven customized engine. A Dune Buggy features larger wide tires and therefore, can easily navigate through sandy beaches or deserts.

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The basic purpose behind the construction of dune buggy is to integrate broad off-road potential such as interior track racing. However, a very few buggies are running as on-road automobiles these days. The design of the dune buggy is well maintained at the preliminary stage itself to maintain safety and comfort.

Basic Construction of a Dune Buggy:

Dune buggies are mainly modified using two different methods. In the first type, the buggies are formed by altering an already existing vehicle. In the second method, the buggies are obtained by welding up the scratch with steel tubing.

The most popular brand design among dune buggy was Volkswagen Bug and there are so many reasons to support this comment.  The main reason behind this is that the rear-assembled engine gives higher grip after the removal of bodywork. Another reason is that the air-cooled engine immeasurably abridges the modification process of engine. The third important point is the nonexistence of radiator.

The dune buggies developed by welding up steel tubing are referred as space frame armature. This needs a thorough knowledge about the entire fabrication process. This type of dune buggies are safer compared to the first type and therefore, offer more freedom. This is advantageous as the fabrication process leads to the alteration of various vehicles parts to suits the runway conditions.

Tips To Remember:

To keep away all possible hard luck while on a dune buggy, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind.

  • The dune buggies are legally permitted road automobiles and therefore, needs to be treated as well. Whenever, a buggy driver finds other vehicles around the dune buggy, remember that the vehicles may not notify the dune buggy because of its extremely down to earth size. To avoid accidents in such cases, be careful and take necessary steps.

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  • Always wear the seatbelt while on dune buggy, as there are frequent chances to step on the brakes.
  • To safeguard the land against the storms, there are random sand dunes. Ensure that the dunes are driven between the sand dunes and never over drive or park above the sand dunes.
  • Try to evade the driving of dune buggy near a group of birds or other animals on the seashore. This can help the buggy run safe and smooth.
  • Stick to the vehicle routes while on beach driving. This may not only avoid the hindrance of sand dunes, shellfishes and seashore birds, but also will remove the hassles behind any pedestrians using the shore.
  • Avoid prickly turn at high-level speeds, as this may result in tipping over of the dune buggy.
  • Apart from the above tips, pay attention to all those usual vehicle norms and tips, especially the no use of alcohols.

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