/How to Modify a Car for Handicapped

How to Modify a Car for Handicapped

Handicapped people often worry that they will never be able to buy a car that is adapted to their disabilities because of the cost. In truth, owning a disabled car can be quite affordable and many handicapped people are able to drive their own car on the road.

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Before buying a car, you must make sure that it can be adapted to meet your handicapped needs. It is a great idea to contact keep moving care– the company that will perform adaptations on the car to ensure the car you bought is suitable for the modifications. Getting your car modified allows you to a have a safer and more comfortable experience. There are a few things that you have to install in your vehicle. Some of the operating options for a handicapped car include hand operated brake and accelerator, hand operated clutch, and automatic clutch. The hand controls can be customized according to the needs of a user.

Adapting a car to meet the requirement of a disabled driver can be expensive. If it is too expensive to have the car adapted, you can consider obtaining financial assistance from the bank. Before buying the car, you should shop around for financing options. In this way, the car will not be too expensive which will prevent you from receiving the modifications you deserved.

Manual transmission vehicle with hand operated brake and accelerator is suitable for persons that suffer from right limb paraplegia. If you suffer from left limb disability, you can use manual transmission vehicle installed with hand operated clutch or automatic clutch. For people that are disabled in both limbs, they can use the automatic transmission vehicle installed with a hand operated brake and accelerator. The manual transmission with the automatic clutch and hand operated brake is another option for people that suffer from both limbs disability.

The automatic transmission car is suitable for paraplegic people because it eliminate the use of the clutch pedal. The pedal can also be relocated to suit the stronger leg. Installing the semi automatic clutch allow you to drive the car with a manual gear box without having to use the clutch pedal. Besides, you can also customize the car for hand control if you have no leg.

Wheelchair users can transfer their wheelchair into the car by using specially designed accessories for example board and lifting belts. Specially modified vehicles enable the wheelchair users to drive the car in their wheelchairs.  In this way, you can easily move from your car while parking on the road. If you are unable to locate a service, you can contact your local council to see if one can be installed.

You can contact adaptation firm to obtain a grant application before booking any modifications. While talking with the representative at adaptation firm, you can ask them about the changes needed on your car. It is recommended that you check with the adaptation firm that the car can fitted with the necessary modifications.

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