/How to Repair a Car’s Fuel Injector Wire

How to Repair a Car’s Fuel Injector Wire

Fuel injectors are electrically operated solenoid valves that spray gasoline into cylinders of an engine that is equipped with a throttle body or multi-port fuel-injection system. If an injector doesn’t receive elec­tricity because of a damaged wire, it will not operate and gasoline will not reach a particular cylinder.

Fuel Injector Plug at How to Repair a Car’s Fuel Injector Wire

Most owners of vehicles with fuel-injection systems can determine whether this problem is causing one of the performance conditions listed above by using an instrument called an EFI-LITE (or NOID-LITE). You can buy the particular design of EFI-LITE that fits the shape of the connectors used by your fuel system from an auto parts store or directly. The instrument costs less than $10. This is where you can find the best fuel injector cleaner.

Although they look different, fuel injectors of throttle body systems and those of multiport systems work the same way. Fuel is delivered to the injector. When the injector receives an electrical charge, the solenoid opens the valve, allowing fuel to spray into the engine. An electrical disruption will prevent this from happening.

Here is how to use an EFI-LITE to uncover a disruption in electricity to fuel injectors:

  • With the engine turned off, pull apart the connectors that join the electricity-delivery wire to one of the fuel injectors
  • Plug the EFI-LITE into the connector to which the wire is attached.
  • Have an assistant crank the engine as you watch the EFI-LITE. If the light gives off a pulsating glow, the electrical system is working properly. Reattach the wire to the fuel injector and test the next in­jector.

Fuel Injector Wiring at How to Repair a Car’s Fuel Injector Wire

If the EFI-LITE does not glow, or if the beam it emits doesn’t pulsate, the reason is often a short circuit caused by a bare wire in contact with a metal part of the engine. Examine the wire leading to the fuel injector to determine whether insulation has been rubbed off so that the wire is pro­truding. If a bare wire exists, wrap it with electrician’s tape, which is avail­able from hardware stores, to make the repair.

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