/How to Replace a Burned-Out Halogen Headlight

How to Replace a Burned-Out Halogen Headlight

Most vehicles manufactured since the mid-1980s are equipped with halo­gen bulbs. If the bulb burns out, it can usually be replaced without replacing the entire headlight unit, because the bulb and headlight are separate. This is different from a sealed-beam headlight, where the light­ing filament (bulb) and the lens are integrated into a single unit. With a sealed-beam system, the entire unit must be replaced if the filament burns out.

Halogen Headlight at How to Replace a Burned Out Halogen Headlight

One way to determine whether your car is equipped with halogen or conventional sealed-beam headlights is to examine the trim around the headlights. If there are no screws, you have halogen bulbs.

A halogen bulb is more expensive than a conventional sealed-beam headlight. However, it provides a brighter beam and usually lasts for a longer time. Halogen bulbs are also easier to replace when they burn out.

Follow these steps:

1. Open the hood and look at the back end of the burned-out bulb. You will see a serrated locking ring, which is the bulb socket.

2. Turn the ring to release the socket and bulb. Usually, the ring must be twisted ‘A turn to the left.

3. Holding the socket in one hand and the plastic bulb holder in the other, pull the two apart.

4. Buy a new halogen bulb of the same designation as the old bulb.

5. Insert the new bulb into the socket. Make sure they lock.

Halogen Bulbs at How to Replace a Burned Out Halogen Headlight

6. Line up the socket and bulb with the opening in the lens and push it in until you are able to engage the serrated locking ring.

7. Turn the ring (usually to the right) to lock the halogen bulb and socket in the lens.

Do not touch the glass of the new halogen bulb with your bare hands or allow it to come in contact with any dirty surface. Dirt and body oil transferred to the glass surface will cause a halogen bulb to fall prematurely. Hold the bulb by the plastic terminal housing.

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