/How to Install a Car Audio System

How to Install a Car Audio System

If you need to save a little money and want to install your newly purchased car stereo yourself, here is how.

Follow the steps below. Read on for more information.

Car Audio System at How to Install a Car Audio System

Things You’ll Need:

  • Stereo
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire strippers


Step 1

Take out the old stereo. Unlink the negative cable from the battery.

Step 2

Take off the front paneling of the dashboard. Use the screwdriver to remove the old stereo. Look at the wiring. If the wiring is individually linked, undo every wire by itself.

Step 3

Place the connector in your wiring harness. It connects at the rear of the stereo.

Connecting the Wiring Manually

Step 4

Attach every wire if you are not using a harness

Step 5

Link the positive wire to the connector located on the stereo. Do the same for the negative wire. If you have one wire from your speaker then, you need new speaker wiring. This is very important.

Step 6.

Take the black wire and link it to the stereo. You can use a screw that is close to the radio inside the dashboard. The wiring should be wrapped around metal.

Step 7

Link the red ignition and 12 constant wiring to the stereo. Use the stereo manual to make sure you are putting these in the correct location.

Wiring Car Audio at How to Install a Car Audio System

Putting in the Car Stereo.

Step 8

Your connector should be housing all the wiring you need through a harness. You could purchase it separately or use the one that comes with the stereo.

Step 9

Put the stereo into the mounting bracket. If it didn’t come with one, use the one from the other stereo system.

Step 10

Link the harness connector up to the stereo in the back. You will only have one single wire to attach from the previous system at this point. This wire is your antenna wire. Attach it to the stereo. If there is a power antenna wire link it as well.

Step 11

Place the stereo into the hole inside the dashboard. Do not secure it in yet. Test it before you add any screws to it.

Step 12

Reattach the negative cable back to the car battery.

Step 13

Place the key in the ignition and crank your vehicles. Turn on the radio and listen to the quality of sound. You need to verify that all the speakers are working and the radio is functioning properly.

Step 14

Secure the new stereo. Use the screws and a screwdriver to put the face onto the radio and replace the dashboard cover. Enjoy your new radio.

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