/Birdman Buys Maybach Exelero

Birdman Buys Maybach Exelero

birdman maybach exelero at Birdman Buys Maybach Exelero

The title for this post might not make sense at first, let us explain! Bryan Williams ‘Birdman’ is a rapper with loads of cash and a thing for high-end cars. The Exelero is a concept Maybach designed six years ago by Fulda to show off their high-speed tires.

I think you are now understanding what’s going on. Birdman decided to raise the bar, if you know what we’re sayin’, by ordering a car that no one else – well, no one sane – would think of buying. Why no one would think of buying one? Because it’s expensive. How expensive? $8 millionUSD! Now that’s a vulgar number.

Well that’s what Birdman claims he’s paid for the car via his Twitter. Mind you, he’s had it customized in his favorite red.

If he wanted a very expensive car he could have bought one of those super rare vintage Ferrari 250 GTO, like the one British celeb Chris Evans bought a few years ago for £12 million. But you see, Evans has a good taste, Birdman hasn’t! He spent 8 mil on what’s basically a Maybach in a fancy outfit. And it looks like the car Lady Penelope’s husband would drive!

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