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The Grand Tour Season 2 – What to Expect

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It feels like a decade ago when we last saw the three stooges of the auto world on television. But do not despair because a new season of The Grand Tour is just around the corner with new antics from Jezza, Hamster, and Mr. Slowly. There will probably be some car reviews in there as well. What follows are the first official pictures from the new season. 

The first thing you need to know about The Grand Tour Season 2 is that it’s no longer a grand tour. The presenters are not pitching tent in a different country every episode. They have gone back to the old Top Gear system with a permanent base in Cotswolds, UK, where all the studio bits will be recorded. That is how it should have been from the beginning. The touring thing was one of the experiments of the first season which Clarkson says they binned for the new one. We also hope they bring back the celebrity lap part – not the silly “He’s not coming on, then,” routine from season 1, but a proper one.

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The boys may have settled in the UK due to their “struggling lungs” and “aching joints,” but they have still traveled a fair bit to film various tests and challenges in every continent. Places you’ll see in The Grand Tour Season 2 include Dubai, Mozambique, New York, Spain, and Croatia, United States, and Switzerland, among others. Some of these travels proved really hazardous to the presenters’ health, with Hammond and Clarkson getting hospitalized. Granted Clarkson got pneumonia whereas Hammond had a near-fatal crash, but still.

In preparation for the new season, Amazon will release a Grand Tour book available through, you guessed it, Amazon. It’s called The Grand Tour Guide to the World which is sequel of sorts to The World According to Clarkson series published many, many years ago. It’s about cars, places, stunts and the presenters themselves. So it’ll probably be worth the $29.99 asking price.

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