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Honest Trailers Roasts Furious 7

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If you own a YouTube on your social media machine, chances are you have stumbled upon a channel called Screen Junkies. These guys make videos called Honest Trailers, a name that is pretty self-explanatory. The latest blockbuster to fall victim to the sharp criticism of these pseudo-intellectual junkies is Furious 7.

Needless to say, Furious 7 is a fairly easy movie to make fun of. It doesn’t a plot as such, just pieces of enticing incidents cobbled together to make a preposterous story work. And there is all those Vin Diesel moments like tank top wedding, dramatic over the shoulder shots, and signature mumble growls. But this film made over a billion dollars at the Box Office, so we reckon Diesel is having the last laugh.

People don’t watch movies like Furious 7 for the depth of their plots or roundness of their characters. They watch them because they want to see cars crash into each other, things blow up, muscular men hit each other with sticks, and curvaceous girls work that booty. It’s  awfully primal, but that’s the way it is. 

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