/Alfa Romeo Working On Mazda MX-5 Rival

Alfa Romeo Working On Mazda MX-5 Rival

soider alfa at Alfa Romeo Working On Mazda MX 5 Rival

Mazda MX-5 as you know is a brilliant sports car. Now imagine it with Alfa Romeo looks and an Alfa badge. This dream is turning into reality.

Alfa is developing a new Spider to pick up where the Brera Spider – now deceased – left. The Brera was an unbelievably gorgeous car, but it always felt heavy and slow and nothing like a sportscar it should have been.

The new Spider is said to be a true successor to the ‘Graduate’ Alfa Spider of 1960s. Alfa has learned its lesson with the Brera so they are shifting focus to lightness and compact size with this new model. They will follow Mazda Mx-5’s recipe of sense and simplicity.

The new Spider will be powered by a detuned version of the Giulietta Cloverleaf’s 1.7-litre with around 150 bhp, which is fairly enough to deliver good performance, as long as they keep the weight of the car down.

Alfa’s MX-5 will almost certainly be more expensive than the Mazda. But it will look great – because it’s an Alfa – drive well, and will be efficient. And at the end of the day, it’s an Alfa!

Source: AutoExpress

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