/Dragsters Need Dragstrips – Or This Happens!

Dragsters Need Dragstrips – Or This Happens!

dragster in ditch at Dragsters Need Dragstrips   Or This Happens!

This rather weird thing you see above is a dragster in the ditch. Now, that’s not something you see everyday, of course, because dragster are only unleashed at a dragstrip. And there’s no ditch at dragstrips. The monumental fail here happened when some guy thought it’s a good idea to take his full-blooded drag car to a hill climb event and let it loose. He didn’t check first, though, to see if the road is straight enough!

Although this classifies as an utter failure, we admire the driver’s spirit. He must be a fun bloke, because if he was a sensible, boring guy he wouldn’t have done such a thing. So, much props.

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