/Is it really worth not having your own car?

Is it really worth not having your own car?

used cars at Is it really worth not having your own car?

How many of us stop to think about how important transport is? Very few, I’m sure. Transport is something that is taken largely for granted by a lot of us, simply because we know it is there and so we need have no worries about being taken from one place to another.

But imagine a world without any of our quicker modes of transport. Imagine just having public transport, and bicycles. It is a scary thought, indeed. Half the things we are able to accomplish now, we cannot have done without transport. This article is about how I searched for the right means, living Pune.

Different people like to take to different means of transport. A lot of people like using public transport, like buses and trains. This is great in one way. You do not have to worry about finding parking space, and you do not have to worry about directions. You will be taken what you want but without really bending your mind to the route being taken. But a lot of people are averse to public transport because when you rely on a bus or a train, you cannot really operate on your own timings.

So when I considered private means, I was wondering what exactly to get myself. As far as vehicles are concerned, there is so much choice in this day and age that I was momentarily clueless as to what to do. Then I began reading a few reviews, and started forming an idea. I thought about motorbikes for a while. If you want to experience the pure thrill of speed and the wind rushing through your face, there is absolutely nothing like a bike. But then again if you are the more stable type who prefers stability over adrenaline, it may not be such a good idea.

I decided to check out some used cars in Pune, which happens to be my hometown. Even when it comes to cars, the various companies have been competing fiercely with each other and have flooded the market as a result. There are hatchbacks, that are nice and compact but deliver reasonably power and have pretty good fuel efficiencies. Then there are sedans, more aerodynamic and built to take slightly higher speeds. Then there are Special Utility Vehicles or SUVs, which are large and seat seven people, and are more powerful than either hatchbacks or sedans. Then there are luxury vehicles, though I must admit those are rather out of my reach, at least at the moment.

The question I had to ask myself was, do I have the resources for a vehicle? There was no dearth of choice, but I had to ensure that my finances were not too badly depleted by getting myself a vehicle. Also, I have never really been the type to go with an EMI. Then I hit upon the idea of looking at used cars in Pune. This turned out to be a great decision, because I found myself the perfect car, and also I paid about half the original price!

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