/Boeing 747-400 Crashes Outside Bagram Airbase – Graphic Video

Boeing 747-400 Crashes Outside Bagram Airbase – Graphic Video

747 crash at Boeing 747 400 Crashes Outside Bagram Airbase   Graphic Video

A shocking video of a Boeing 747-400 civilian cargo plane crashing outside the Bagram air field in Afghanistan has hit the web. The cause of the crash, which left seven people dead, is being investigated by officials. Apparently, even Pentagon officials found out about the incident via the internet video, so things are a bit messy at the moment.

The video, recorded by the dash-cam of a passing vehicle, does not show signs of any rocket attack, which means the crash is probably due to a takeoff stall. Then again, sources say pilots train regularly for such situations, and the chances of the pilot making this error is very slim. Another reports say the cargo in the plane has probably shifted during ascend, as a result of improper loading, and that caused the stall. The 747-400 was carrying vehicles and other cargo to UAE.

Video from LiveLeak

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