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When purchasing a new car, it seems more than ever before, there are seemingly unlimited potential add-ons. From navigation, bird’s eye camera, back up sensors, Bluetooth capabilities, wireless phone charging, and more, there are plenty of things that sound like a great idea, but these things can add up. Below we take a look at these popular add-ons and their average price from the dealer and aftermarket installation.

Backup Sensors

Backup sensors are a popular upgrade and safety feature that you can add on to your new car. These sensors will alert you when you are backing up and come within a few inches of another object or car, usually by a series of beeps. This is an add-on that your dealer will offer you, but you can have installed for much cheaper after you purchase your car. Your dealer will subcontract out the work costing you approximately $600-$1000 or you can buy the sensors yourself and have them installed for approximately $200-$300.

Rear View Cameras

Rear view cameras take things one step further then a backup sensor by giving you an actual view of the area behind your vehicle on a small screen. This is helpful when parallel parking and backing up. While the aftermarket rearview cameras range anywhere from $200-$800 many of them are not as advanced as the ones installed by your dealer. The ones installed by your dealer are $1000+ and come standard with only some cars.

Navigation Systems

Car navigation systems will map out your route and many will give you verbal directions while you are driving so that your eyes can be focused on the road and not the navigation screen. There are many varieties of navigation systems but the dealer prices typically begin at $1000+. These systems will also charge for periodic updates. What is convenient about these systems from your dealer is that they are built into your car. A store bought navigation system can be purchased for as low as $50, but will need to be attached to your dashboard or consol. Store bought versions may not have as many bells and whistles as a dealer system. You may find your smartphone navigation system does an equal job to either of these navigation options.

Hands-Free Technology

This is a category with a multitude of options within itself. Your upgrade selection will vary by both the type of car you are purchasing and the range of features you would like installed. This technology can be as simple as allowing you to stream music from your phone or computer or allowing your hands-free voice command phone access. The packages from your dealer range from $800-$1000, and can be purchased after-market from $150-$300. Some hands-free options require monthly access packages.

Wireless Car Chargers

This is a device or a “mat” that you place your phone on that will charge your cell phone wirelessly. When you purchase a wireless charger from your dealer, it will be built into your car therefore taking up less space and will average $100-$200 from your dealer. You can purchase a variety of wireless chargers starting as low as $20 plus installation.

The trend that you may see is that your dealer will charge more for your upgrades then if you purchase them aftermarket. However, some of the aftermarket add-ons will not be as conveniently located within your car. Also consider the cost that an extra thousand dollars here and there will add to your interest rate. Here is a great tool that will help you in calculating the long-term costs of car upgrades.

This article was contributed by Taylor Morford, automobile enthusiast, blogger, and muscle car repairman-in-training. Whether you’re buying a car or repairing one, Taylor suggests you do a good car research before proceeding.

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