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Choosing the Right Mechanic

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Selecting the right mechanic for your car is important, and finding someone you are comfortable with can be challenging. You’ll need to balance your desire to save money with the need to hire a quality professional. Striking an even balance between the two may sound difficult, but it can be done with a little preparation and research.

Dealership vs. Private Mechanic

While you may have to hit the dealership for warranty repairs, it’s often more cost efficient to bring your car to a private mechanic or fix-it shop for other jobs. Edmunds.com points out that dealerships tend to attract and employ manufacturer-trained and experienced technicians, which leads to higher salaries, and more expensive repairs. According to Consumer Reports, though, people who used independent mechanics were generally more satisfied with their results than those who had their car serviced at a dealership. So, for routine maintenance, your best bet could be your local mechanic. Just be sure to find someone you trust.


Doing your research is key to finding a mechanic you can trust and one who won’t charge you an arm and a leg for service and parts. Narrow down your focus to a shop that specializes in your make or model of car as best you can. Consumer Reports points out that these types of garages are more likely to feature the latest training and equipment that can best meet your needs. Seeking recommendations from family and friends is always a good idea, as word of mouth tends to be reliable. Anyone who has had a bad experience at a mechanic shop won’t recommend that shop or business to friends or family members. If that’s not helpful, try online reviews.

Make sure the shop you choose is convenient to your home or place of work. Nothing is a bigger hassle than hauling your car three towns over to get it repaired, especially in situations where you have to leave your car overnight for a few days. Even if the mechanic is a friend of a friend of a friend, it’s still better to try and find someone in your town for the sheer convenience factor alone.

Selecting a Mechanic

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to ask for certification. Make sure your local fix-it shop is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and is recommended by Consumer Reports. Checking in with the Better Business Bureau is also helpful for ensuring that the shop enjoys a high rating with consumers. Also, be sure to ask about the warranties they offer on repair work.

Sometimes the only way to know if you’ll like a particular mechanic is just to try the shop out. You can do this by “test driving” your chosen mechanic and getting a routine oil and filter change, or an inspection. This will give you a feel for the mechanic’s approach to customers, how he handles basic jobs, how he treats his employees, what he charges, and most of all, how he treats you as a valued customer.

This article is written by Jared Miret, a father and handyman.  He is excited to share these tips with you, to help save you time and money, and keep your life running smoothly.  He writes this article on behalf of fleet repairs from Capitol Collision.

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