/The Rise of Small Cars

The Rise of Small Cars

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Some trends in the automotive world tend to repeat themselves. Time was when hatchbacks took over from sedans, just as hot hatches demolished sports cars, then SUVs became the customers’ favorite, and now once again it is the turn of small hatchbacks to rule the market.

And it’s not just Europe, the world’s biggest market for small cars, either. In recent years America and Australia have been hit by this phenomenon. Australia, in particular, has seen a massive increase in sales of compact models over the last few years. In the last 12 months alone, sales of small cars have increased by 6.4 per cent.

Toyota Corolla has once again snatched the crown as the best-selling make in the segment, thanks to its new hatchback variant that beat the old, but still lovely, Mazda3 into submission. Last year the Corolla sold 28,596 units, compared to the 27,729 units of Mazda. Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, the traditional players of this class, are also enjoying steady sales with not much drama, while the interest for the new, sort of, compact offerings from Italy is growing. What Alfa Romeo Guilietta and Fiat 500 do is introduce a bit of passion and class to this otherwise dull type of car.

The rise and fall of one type of vehicle is directly connected with what people are most keen on at any given period. Sometimes they believe bigger is better, so searching for a bolder presence on the road they go and buy SUVs. Some other times it is cool to be green, to hybrids and EVs rise to the top. Right now though, it’s all about efficiency; what can get the job done with the least compromise on safety, comfort, and value.

The young and smartphone-clutching customers of today are mostly tech-savvy fashionistas who care more about their sex position than driving position. Of course small and cute-looking cars are going to be popular with them; especially as these cars are generally easy on the wallet, so they are left with more money to spend on hair product, or the newest iPhone.

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