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Top 5 4WD’s for the City

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It is a well-known fact that 4WD’s are no longer purchased just for having fun off the beaten track. Many city drivers prefer to drive a 4WD. Particularly popular for city drivers are vehicles like Land Rover’s smaller 4wd’s as they have low fuel consumption, excellent handling and can also be taken off-road on the weekends. They make a lot of sense.

So, let’s take a look at 5 of the top 4WD’s for city use.

Land Rover Freelander 2

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This attractive vehicle has a diesel engine making it economical. While still being a big car with loads of room it is really easy to manoeuvre and doing a reverse park in it is a cinch. This 4WD is really well designed so lifting toddlers in and out is relatively easy. There is loads of space in the far back for all the family’s gear. The upholstery is kid-friendly and wipes down easily. This vehicle is spacious so travelling so everyone has enough space. The air conditioning is powerful and the music system is top notch. It has all the mod cons and is a really comfortable family car.

Range Rover Evoque

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The Range Rover Evoque is an increasingly popular choice for city dwellers. It boasts excellent performance and outstanding design. The Evoque has 3 unique model options for the urban adventurer: the Dynamic, Prestige and Pure. The design is very contemporary the vehicle is really attractive. It features many driver- friendly accessories and is a pleasure to drive.

The Volvo XC90

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This 4WD is solid and functions well. It features a third row of seats, making it a 7 seven seater, which is handy if you need to pick up extra kids. For back seat travellers there is a back seat vent system as well as a DVD entertainment system. The Volvo XC90 has rear parking sensors and an inbuilt navigation system. It does not have a rear camera. It has roll stability, whiplash protection and 6 airbags. Getting a toddler into the centre seat is a bit difficult and requires you to get up into the vehicle. Parents can listen to the radio in the front, while kids can listen to a CD in the back. It is a little heavy to drive and difficult to park.

Mitsubishi Pajero

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The Mitsubishi has an extra 3 fold up seats in the back which enable it to carry 8. The vehicle has a reversing camera which is really needed given the size of the car. The seats are made from leather which means anything will wipe off. The exterior is pretty hardy as well. The Mitsubishi has an in—dash navigation system, audio controls on the steering wheel, rear air-conditioning, roof racks and tinted windows.


bmw x5 600x386 at Top 5 4WDs for the City

This model has a rear camera and an electronic distance and direction guide to assist with reversing. It also features built in navigation. The BMW rates well for safety and fuel efficiency but is well out of the average budget as far as affordability goes.

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