/How to Install Aftermarket Fog Lights

How to Install Aftermarket Fog Lights

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Every region and the country have definite rules regarding the color of lighting system one can install in their vehicles. It is always essential for all the workers to get hold of proper information regarding the rules. It is better to check the whether the lighting system is in complete compliance with the regulations.

The department of transportation in all countries doesn’t have the same sort of rules and usually don’t allow to use Lights that are too bright to the eyes.

Checking the System

First it is necessary to check the bulb system and what type will be best for your vehicle. There are many websites over the internet that happen to sell exciting and stylish aftermarket fog lights. Now, you will also need to maintain that the lighting systems are useful along with being stylish in character. LED lights are popular for their immense brightness and long life cycle. They even use less energy than any other lighting systems.

Light Options

The main reason people don’t get to buy these systems because of their high price. They are a bit on the costly side in the lighting system market. Halogen systems happen to be less expensive than the LED Lights. High intensity discharge system uses up the xenon gas to manufacture and produce bright light in high quantity. The main reason behind their popularity is the fact that they produce light that is pretty much close to the daytime lighting system.


Make sure that your car is properly parked and has its system turned off from all sections. You will need to make sure that the vehicle is on a level surface. The next step is to make sure that the parking brake is engaged. Next, you will need to open up the hood. Fog lights that are mounted by bumper are generally located below the headlights. Now, you can always refer to the manual guide of your vehicle when you find it difficult to locate down the lights in your vehicle.

The Installation Process

You will need to make sure that the lights are disconnected from the housing. This will make sure that vehicle’s power is properly disconnected from the fog lights. The disconnection should be accomplished with the clip detachment. Now, the next step is to make sure that the bolt, washer and nut are removed. You will always need to hold onto all parts of the vehicle until the installation is completed.

You will need to be careful, less you develop scratches over the bumper. Insert the brand new fog lighting systems. Now, the housing should properly fit into the space that has been already been left by the old part. If they don’t fit in, then you might have bought the wrong pair of fog lights for your auto. The bolt holes need to be lined up properly. If they don’t line up in the right way, then you will be required to drill brand new ones.


While threading the bolt with the nut, you will need to make sure that they are properly tightened with a wrench or a ratchet. Over tightening might cause a number of issues like damaging the fog light housing. It is essential for housing to be immobile.

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