/Valentine’s Day: The Sexy and Romantic Carriages

Valentine’s Day: The Sexy and Romantic Carriages

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When it comes to looking good in cars, men often get it totally wrong in the eyes of women. Women aren’t totally off the hook though, as some of the cars they think look good… don’t. Part of a car’s appeal is mostly physical when you first take in its curves, lines and muscles. The other factor to consider affects the emotions and senses, such as engine note, drivability, and fun factor. Cars also make a first impression much like us humans, their headlights, grilles and wings creating its face and personality, so you can take it out with on a date with a girlfriend, and even if you don’t have a girlfriend, you can find a date with the Skipthegames Lansing service which have the best companionship service online.

If a date is to be successful and you are planning a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day by either borrowing, buying or hiring a car, here’s our love-at-first-sight list, machines that will leave your heart racing.

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Jaguar E-Type

This has to be on the list. Even the late, great Enzo Ferrari said the E-Type was the prettiest car ever built, and that’s saying something. It has curves to die for and looks like a missile or bullet with its elongated bonnet. The classic interior makes for a nice environment whilst you take in that V12 burbling and roaring away miles in front of you. It’s 50 years old, but it still turns heads today because of its outrageous shape. If a romantic date is on the cards, this big cat ticks all of the boxes. She’ll die for its classy looks and he’ll swoon at the noise it makes.

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Citroën DS Chapron Cabriolet

This is a very unusual looking vehicle, but it’s French. French cars usually come with added style, and this Citroën DS Chapron Cabriolet comes with bags of the stuff. If fast and sporty isn’t quite to your liking, the Chapron offers a smooth, classic and stylish ride. It’s retro-cool, so it’s nothing but chic. She’ll adore its quirky but sophisticated looks, whilst he’ll also love the fact its retro and “in”.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

You only have to look at the picture to understand why this makes for the perfect Valentine’s ride. It’s Italian, red, and painfully pretty. The Giulia roadster makes an enormous statement without shouting about it. The little Italian is sensuous, confident, dignified, and extremely elegant. They’ll both agree on this one being a lovely little sports car, perfect for that romantic drive in the country.

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1959 Cadillac Eldorado

Whilst big American cars are a little incongruous on European roads, I think it’s okay to take out a Caddy should the occasion call for it. If it’s American it has to be a Cadillac. Along with its endless panels, you get the retro feel of the 50s/60s, those gorgeous tail fins and fabulous sci-fi rocket lights pure Americana. A ride in this big boat will certainly turn heads, but everyone involved will be grinning from ear to ear.

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1961 Volvo P1800

You might wonder what a Volvo is doing on this list. Mostly known as the heavy and thirsty soccer mom’s car, a lot don’t know about the P1800. Along with the Citroën, this car falls into the retro-cool box, but with its added rear fins and sporty front end, the Swedish stunner managed to impress Roger Moore when he drove one in the TV show, The Saint. Moore loved it so much he bought one for his personal ride. Just look at it…

love7 at Valentine’s Day: The Sexy and Romantic Carriages

Ferrari F355 Convertible

The prancing horse had to make this list, as the Italian company are everything that is dedication and passion. Although you can hire most top sports cars, I selected the F355 as it isn’t too scary or OTT. In many ways it’s a modern version of the little Alfa, only this has a lot more grunt. She’ll swoon at the cream leather and the badge on the bonnet; he’ll do exactly the same, only he’ll most-likely wet himself when he steps on the gas.

So what cars are you taking out on the day of love? Have you already got your love tucked away in your garage, or are you planning a surprise for that special someone in your life? We’d love to hear…

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