/Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

lamborghini asterion 600x337 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

The Paris Auto Show showcased not just the future models of production cars, but also some of the most daring concepts. Here we take a look the top 5 concept cars, featured on the Paris Auto Show 2014, that were absolute show stealers.

Infiniti Q 80 inspiration

infiniti q80 inspiration 600x400 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

Nissan has been recently challenging the big players in the European market and seems to be having a good time at it as well. The concept design of the Q80 from Infiniti seems to be a clear example of it. Ditching the usual sporty looks, the Q80 has a more elegant sedan like look with its long curves, shield shaped windows, and its enormous 22-inch wheel rims. The concept is definitely pointed at the leaders of the pack such as Mercedes S class and Porsche Panamera, and if released on road is sure to give them a tough competition.

Lamborghini Asterion LPI – 910

Lamborghini Asterion hybrid concept 600x312 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

Just by the looking at the numbers, one can easily guess that this is the most powerful car Lamborghini has ever designed. But interestingly enough, this concept doesn’t derive its power just from gasoline but from electricity as well.  Of the 900bhp the car produces, one third comes from the three electric motors that have been coupled to the V10. And Lamborghini claims that the car can reach top speeds of up to 78mph on motors alone running on batteries. With a design that can even make a Ferrari look ordinary near it, and a powerhouse that can compete with modern jet engines, this is one Lambo that almost every fan would love.

Volkswagen XL Sport

vw xl sport 600x399 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

The German automotive giant, despite controlling almost every supercar manufacturer on the show, had a few tricks up its own sleeve as well. The XL sport was showcased by VW on the motor show and quickly proved to its fans that they haven’t seen the last of VW supercars. With a wide track, a refreshing design, and a seriously powerful engine, the car was truly a show stealer at Paris. The manufacturer quotes that the production car will feature a 200bhp engine that can top 167mph on the speedo. This is one affordable supercar that VW fans have to look out that would make road risk agents reconsider their policy conditions .

Citröen Divine DS

citroen divine ds 600x338 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

DS has so far managed to stay out of Citroen’s path, producing cars that were in no way a threat to the manufacturer. But with the Divine DS, the off shoot manufacturer of Citroen has finally challenged the boss. The new 5 door hatchback DS, looks sporty enough to beat the dull old C3 hands downs, and has enough power to give most sport hatchbacks a run for the their money.

Peugeot Quartz

peugeot quartz concept 600x348 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

Peugeot hasn’t had much luck bringing its concepts cars to production, but one can’t deny the fact the concept cars do indeed look awesome. And the new Quartz concept from the company stands to prove the fact. With a unique SUV crossover design and a powerful hybrid drive that can churn out over 500bhp, if the car makes it to production will be a major competition to its Japanese counterparts.

Jaguar XE

jaguar xe 600x398 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

This is one beauty that has been much anticipated, peeping out from the Jaguar garage. The engine is a 2.0 liter diesel powerhouse, which pumps out 170 horsepower, and has been specifically designed to compete with the mid-segment sedans that are flooding the market right now. And for the green fanatics, the car comes with a gas version as well, so sales are envisaged to be quite high when the car hits the showrooms in the near future. As far as transmission is concerned, there is a 6-speed manual option that old school drivers can work with, or if you want a more comfortable hassle free drive, then the 8-speed automatic transmission is the best way to go about it. There will be an automatic start and stop button in the car, while the major part of the car body, roughly 75% of the entire car, will be made of aluminum, which not just makes the car light and easy to handle, but also makes it a very sturdy and reliable vehicle on the road.

Audi TT Sportback Concept

audi tt sportback concept 600x323 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

Remember the Audi TT first batch, which took the world by storm? It was a car which was meant to just go fast, or go bust. And now, at the recent auto expo in Paris, Audi unveiled their new Audi TT Sportback, which is a roadster no doubt, but will come with 4 doors. Now this might not sit too well with most traditional TT lovers, but the automobile giant reassures us that it will unlike any other TT ever built. The dashboard in this model is the same Audi deal, with everything very neatly placed well within the comfortable reach of the driver, and a 12.3 inch screen promises to take care of all infotainment needs inside the car. The 2.0 liter engine has been seen as blasting out 400 horsepower, so it is still a car to be taken really seriously when you are driving it in traffic.

Fiat 500X Crossover

fiat 500x crossover 535x600 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

This is a revised version of an older not-so-successful model, and Fiat are really hoping that the SUV styling of the new car will definitely appeal more to buyers, especially in the US market. There are 7 engine variants that buyers can choose from, out of which 4 run on gasoline while the rest are diesel ones. The car comes with a decent 140 horsepower power output, with turbochargers and the whole shebang, so you can do a decent amount of off-roading if you want. The 4×4 version comes with a 9-speed transmission which is fully automatic, while the front-wheel models will have a manual transmission which will be set at 6-speed.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R 600x399 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

Well, this is one car which needs no introduction. Honda’s flagship model, the Civic, has long been desired to bring something new to the automobile market, and now, the latest offering is a hatchback version of the much-adored civic, which will surely turn heads on the road. The new introduction will come with a 2.0 litre turbocharged i-VTEC engine, with four cylinders, so there will be oodles of power to keep you hooked to the car. A 6—speed manual transmission promises to belt out more than 250 horses, so be ready for the best drive of your life!

Renault Eolab

Renault Eolab 600x376 at Show stealers from the Paris Auto Show 2014

How about a French beauty that gives 235 mpg on the road? Well, even if the makers of this beauty of an automobile mean 80% of what they say, there’s a winner all set to rule the roads in the near future. A 1.0 lire 3-cylinder engine propels the aerodynamically designed frame of this futuristic hybrid car forwards, giving it the aura of a car from the future!

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