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Nothing Spoils Your Ride Like a DUI

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When it comes to living the ultimate party lifestyle, you may think that fast cars and great booze are all part of the mixture for success. Unfortunately, although partying and enjoying the power of stunning vehicles can be a popular combination – it’s also likely to be a particularly deadly one. Driving should always be kept in a completely different category from drinking, as the results of combining the two could be catastrophic to you, and the people around you. If you ever get arrested for DUI, it’s essential that you get the best ovi defense attorney on your team immediately. Depending on the circumstances, DUI can be a serious offense and you may be locked up in jail until you post bail. Fortunately, there are bail bonds companies that can help you with your bail bonds or if you don’t have readily available funds for your bail.

According to this website, even attending a party can be enough to cause suspicion in members of law enforcement, who may decide to stop your car and ensure you’re not driving above the limit. In other words, even if you avoid the cataclysmic damage that could be done on the road, your driving future could be ruined by an inability to separate drinking and driving. An experienced dwi attorney may be able to help negotiate lesser charges or punishments.

You don’t have to Feel Drunk to be in Trouble

Often, people don’t even realize that they have had too much to drink, as they claim that they only feel lightly buzzed or tipsy. However, the truth is that even if you feel normal, you could be affected by alcohol to an extent that it impacts your driving abilities. In every state, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% is considered illegal – yet the way that your body reacts to that amount of alcohol may differ from one person to the next. If you find yourself charged with a DUI your best bet would be to hire a dui attorney in order to help you secure the best outcome possible.

As you can probably discern on your own, it would be even better to drink responsibly and avoid being involved in a DUI case entirely. If you need some inside, information is available to view at the website to get assistance and counseling.

It’s worth mentioning, that regardless of what you decide and the result of your decisions, understanding the effects of alcohol is important. For one they are impossible to avoid, and you may find that you even suffer from problems with intoxication the following day as well. As a depressant, alcohol works to:

  • Slow the speed at which your brain processes things, so that you struggle to respond to situations properly, react quickly, or make rational decisions.
  • Reduce your ability to accurately judge how fast you are moving in a vehicle, as well as how far away you might be from other cars, objects, or people.
  • Give you a false sense of power and confidence – meaning that you may be tempted to take larger risks or feel that your driving skills are much better than they actually are.
  • Make it harder to focus on more than one task at a time – for instance, while you’re concentrating on steering the vehicle, you could end up missing traffic signs, lights, cars entering the road from side streets, or oncoming pedestrians.
  • Affect your sense of balance – a particular risk for those who ride motorcycles.
  • Make you drowsy – you run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

How can You Enjoy Cars Safely?

If you intend to drive at any point during the day or night, the safest thing you can do for you and everyone around you, is avoid drinking at all costs.

If you cannot resist the call of alcohol for even a single night, this may be an indication that you have a reliance upon substances that you may require professional assistance with. Many people who suffer from alcohol addiction find it useful to deal with their issue using medical detox solutions and rehab facilities, and alcohol treatment can be deemed necessary for some people who have had drinking and driving incidents in the past, continue reading this from article from an Oregon rehab center..

For example, a court may even order a driver to attend alcohol treatment facilities after they were found to be over-the-limit on the road.

If you do decide to drink, then you must know your limits and wait for your blood alcohol content or BAC to drop before you decide to get behind the wheel. To ensure this happens, you may give your car keys to a reliable friend before the alcohol gets into your system. Remember, the blood alcohol content in your body can continue to rise for as much as three hours following your last drink, and the only way to remove this substance from your system is to ensure that the body has time to process it.

Taking a cold shower, drinking strong coffee, or inhaling plenty of fresh air will do nothing to reduce your blood alcohol content. On average, the liver can break down just under a single drink every hour, and before driving you should wait an hour at least for every drink you have consumed.

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