/The Hottest Cars Seen in Las Vegas

The Hottest Cars Seen in Las Vegas

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Many travel to Las Vegas for a multitude of different things to find fame or just simply see the sights like one of the world’s natural wonders – The Grand Canyon!

However, according to a list of offshore casino sites with the best reviews, in Vegas some come to feel like a high roller to play blackjack and some even visit shows including CES 2016 the big electronics show which showcased the latest cars and auto technology which the world will be set to use hopefully at the end of this year.


Kicking off with one of the world’s biggest automobile company, BMW, who rolled out i Vision Future Interaction concept vehicle. This new model builds on gesture control found in the 2016 BMW 7 series which was also first shown at last year’s CES in 2015. The i Vision employs high-resolution displays that interact with the driver in a variety of ways.

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Air Touch is a system that uses sensors that recognize hand movements in multiple planes, so that the gestures are similar to using a touch screen without any physical interaction with the screen surface. Information is then communicated to the driver through three different screens, head-up display, a three dimensional instrument clusters and a 21-inch panoramic display. The convenient thing about Air Touch is that it actually works for both the driver and passengers.

2017 Chevrolet

This year Chevrolet showcased not one but two different cars. The first is the pure electric Chevrolet Bolt which is due to be released by the end of this year. Before the Bolt a large majority cars had 100-mile range, at best, with the pricey Tesla Model S being an exception. They claim that the Bolt actually exceed 200 miles on a full charge. The other car that they unveiled is the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback.

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This Chevrolet offers a redesign of the 2016 Cruze sedan, as well as sharing its mechanics and features; the difference is that it is capable of expanding up to 47.2 cubic feet for cargo space. The Hatch which is due to go on sale at the back end of this year has the same weight reduction measures made to aid fuel economy and performance of the sedan.


Kia has made a big development and many plans to offer partially and fully autonomous vehicles for sale under the ‘Drive Wise’ name. Their projects builds on current modern technologies such as in driver-assistance systems, but Kia aim to take it one step further with creating partially autonomous vehicle which should arrive by 2020. Kia then plan by 2030 to introduce completely autonomous vehicles that will provide the driver with greater assistance levels, which will include anticipating and reacting to changing road conditions and potential hazards-the future of cars may have arrived.


This year Volkswagen have shifted their attention away from combustion engines and have introduced an electric concept vehicle at CES; the BUDD-e Electric Minivan. This 181-inch minivan demonstrates the potential for anew modular, electric platform that could be adapted to other body styles. It is also fitted with a 101-kWh battery and the company claims that this plug-in vehicle has a range of up to 233 miles.

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