/Should You Consider Buying an Electric Vehicle?

Should You Consider Buying an Electric Vehicle?

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The car industry has been growing since its conception and although pure engine power may have reached a plateau, because of physical limitations, there is a clear evolution in both efficiency and design. Because of how many models are out there, your options are virtually limitless – for traditional engines that is.

Everywhere around us we hear why it is great to buy an electric vehicle, right? Yet somehow many of us are not convinced that we should adopt that technology so soon. Being that new, it means that you have limited number of choices, and if you are not particularly drawn to any of them, you are probably going to buy a traditional vehicle. But let’s approach it from a different perspective.

Can It Benefit You?

You have already heard many of the arguments in defense of electric cars – they are better on the environment, you won’t be using as many resources, you will help fight the greenhouse effect. This is all great, but we have to be realistic – a person doesn’t usually buy a car out of care for the environment. We have to work hard for our money, so we don’t want to spend them on something, which doesn’t seem to be much better than what we already have – it may even seem worse.

But there are some valid arguments why going green is actually good not only for the environment, but for you as well. Sadly, we don’t hear them mentioned that often, because most of them involve numbers and you cannot stick a bunch of numbers into a 30-second commercial.

Some Valid Reasons to Consider

Let’s set aside the environment, how “cool” you will look and all of these things. We want to give you a practical argument – the one that actually matters.

Firstly, the amount you save when driving such vehicle is quite impressive. Statistically speaking, we can see a reduction of up to 70% of your fuel costs. To put this in perspective – on 10,000 miles you can save as much as $900. Not bad, right? You will also save time by charging up your vehicle in your garage, so there goes another benefit.

Secondly, the infrastructure is already there. People have been buying electric vehicles for a while now. And even if they do it just because it seems “cool”, this has proven to be beneficial. You can charge up your vehicle virtually everywhere. You won’t have to calculate how far you’d go before your next charging stop, as there are many all over the place.

Thirdly, you can receive a tax credit if you opt for an electric vehicle. There are some requirements to be met, but you can get a significant cut from the price of a new environment-friendly car if you go through the process. This means that if you are on the look for a new vehicle anyway, there aren’t real drawbacks to electric ones.

Buying an Electric Vehicle

Here comes the problem that many people face. On the one hand, you don’t have as many choices as there are with traditional vehicles. This leaves you feeling like you can’t really get what you want. On the other hand, you may not be that familiar with electric vehicles anyway, so it may seem that it would be a lot of work to do your research. But don’t worry, we have a few tips.

Find a list of the supposedly best electric models out there. Compare them as much as you want, but you will probably be drawn to one of them regardless of its characteristics and to be fair – there really isn’t a “bad” choice. Another thing you can do is to go for a used one. Since electric cars don’t need as much maintenance and repairs are generally cheaper, you are much less likely to encounter a badly maintained one.

If you look for some used electric vehicles, you will see that you can find them terribly cheap. And if that isn’t the case, don’t be afraid to go beyond your local dealerships and look countrywide. You can get a car from anywhere in the States you want and ship it without much effort, using the services of a company such as Montway Auto Transport.


As you see, there are options out there and electric vehicles may actually be a viable choice for you. Of course, everything depends on your needs and there surely are other things to take into account, but at the end of the day if going green is a good alternative for you, there aren’t that many reasons not to go with it.

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