/Four New Cars to Look Out for in 2017

Four New Cars to Look Out for in 2017

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The last year has been a good one for the motor industry, and if what we’ve seen of upcoming offerings is anything to go by 2017’s going to be another one, so we’ve put together a list of some of the cars petrol heads should be excited to see in the coming year.

Audi RS3 Saloon

We all know how good the German manufacturer’s existing line is, but their new saloon looks to be a step up even from that, with a turbocharged engine that can take the improved, lighter frame from nought to sixty in just over four seconds. In keeping with the sportier design philosophy, this model will add improved braking and suspension systems for a real feeling of power and control in your driving experience.

Honda Civic Type R

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The new hot hatch from Honda has the look of a statelier vehicle, but sits on top of four thick tyres for legendary traction and comes loaded with a boosted engine. Honda has its sights set on the crown currently worn by the Ford Focus RS as the premier sporty hatchback and the VW Golf GTI Clubsport S’s Nürburgring record, and if the quality of the car lives up to its ambition it’ll be well worth the expected £32,000 price tag.

Skoda Octavia

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This familiar family car is set to get an edgy revamp this year, featuring a sharper, more stylish look in the vein of the Superb and Kodiaq SUV. In addition to a makeover, the new model will be gaining smartphone integration for iOS and Android. The engine range isn’t expected to change so it should be as cheap to run as ever, though some are speculating that a petrol-powered GreenLine model could be making its debut this year.

Toyota Supra

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This sleek sports car almost looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but recent photos show this collaboration with BMW to be the real deal. Little is known as of yet, but it shares a platform with the BMW Z5, features an extensive infotainment dash, and simply oozes style. Keep you eyes peeled for more announcements about this in the coming months.

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