/How to avoid a car theft in Houston?

How to avoid a car theft in Houston?

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It’s estimated, that a car can be stolen in about 30 seconds. More than a million automobiles are thieved every year. It’s also calculated, that each year, a car theft costs Americans $4.3 billion totally.

Houston – the most populous city in Texas and the fourth-most populated city in the United States – has a notably higher rate of auto thefts than the national average. According to the City-Data statistics, the number of car thefts in 2015 was 596, while the U.S. average was 220

In order to minimize the risks of automobile theft, an Auto Theft Division of the Houston Police Department reveals some tips for car owners. Moreover, the following information, which consists of recommendations from various security experts, can be helpful for preventing your car from being stolen:

Park in the right places

Try to avoid parking in high crime areas of Houston. It’s highly recommended to park your automobile in a well-lit public area or an attended lot, as more than half of all thefts of vehicles happen at night. If you are in a restaurant, or bar, try to park so that you can see your car from inside. Moreover, thieves prefer to steal automobiles that are near the exits of the parking lot in order to escape quicker. So, try to park in the middle of other vehicles row.

Secure your car

It’s highly advisable to get an assistance of a professional security specialist, who will suggest you the best ways how to secure your automobile. An experienced Houston locksmith will help you to choose the best security systems for your car, depending on your budget and your individual needs. It’s a good idea to use an anti-theft device, which will alarm you if your vehicle will be opened forcibly. A lot of thieves avoid automobiles with alarm and anti-theft systems because they may attract an attention of the car owner, other people or police.

Don’t leave your car running

Never leave your vehicle running unattended, even if you plan to be back in few minutes. Automobiles are commonly stolen at ATMs, gas stations, stores and so forth. Thieves can take your vehicle in several seconds. A lot of cars are stolen on cold morning when people leave their cars running to warm up. Furthermore, in Texas, it is a crime if you leave your key in an unattended car.

Hide your valuables from plain sight

Never leave your costly items such as purses, briefcases, laptops or cell phones in your car to avoid attracting potential thieves. Take your valuables with you or leave them in the trunk.

Lock your automobile

Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked. Lock all windows and doors, even if you plan to leave your automobile for a few minutes. It’s calculated, that about 50% of all stolen vehicles are left unlocked.

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