/How to prevent your car from being stolen?

How to prevent your car from being stolen?

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It’s estimated, that a motor vehicle is being stolen in about every 45 seconds in the United States. It is also noteworthy, that a car theft over the past decade has not decreased as significantly as the rates for other crimes. While property crimes during the last 10 years went down by about 19%, car theft declined less than 2%.

There are some methods of securing a car. And it’s good idea to find a reliable and experienced locksmith company or a technician, who can suggest you the best ways how to protect your vehicle.

One of the popular options to prevent an automobile theft, is to use a mechanical immobilizer, which is designed to limit access to or movement of the car. Such devices are: Steering-Wheel Locks, Tire Locks, Hood Locks, Ignition/steering Wheel Column and crook Locks, Brake Pedal Locks, Gear Shift Locks, etc.

The advantage of mechanical immobilizers is their highly visual appearance, which can deter amateur thieves, but not the pros. It’s advisable to use this device in conjunction with other anti-theft appliances.

It’s also a good idea to use an electronic immobilizer. A lot of modern cars come standard with keys and fobs that protect them via electronic immobilizers. These built-in microchips or transponders transmit signals to the anti-theft system, which then sends a signal that the car can be started. When anyone tries to use the vehicle without these signals, the automobile will not start. It is noteworthy, that many car thieves avoid vehicles with electronic immobilizers.

It’s highly advisable to have a car alarm, which is the most visually effective anti-theft gadget. A lot of potential criminals can be deterred by seeing an alarm sticker. Car alarms have electronic sensors, which will be activated when an automobile is breached: breaking of glass, unauthorized entry, sudden movement, etc. When the sensors detect a threat, a siren activates and alerts the car driver and also other people around. However, if you don’t have a car alarm, you can buy alarm stickers, for potential thieves to think that your vehicle is protected.

In order to secure your car, you can also try VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Etching. Every vehicle has a unique serial number VIN. You can etch your car’s VIN on all important parts and windows. This can deter potential thieves and also can work as a tracking device.

It’s also recommended to use electronic tracking devices, which offer a real-time location of the stolen car using GPS. The two biggest companies of electronic tracking gadgets, are LoJack and OnStar. LoJack has a hidden transmitter in the vehicle, which is activated immediately when a theft is reported. This firm works directly with law enforcement. OnStar provides a similar system, which is standard on all new model vehicles from Audi, Acura, GM, Volkswagen and Isuzu.

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