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5 Reasons it is Better to Schedule Maintenance with Your Dealer

Keeping your car in good shape is highly important. It’s what helps ensure that your car is always roadworthy and won’t let you down when it really matters. With this in mind it makes complete sense to have your car serviced regularly. Where should you go for your service though? Does it make more sense to go to an independent garage or should you go to a dealer?

The Cost

To get your car serviced there is actually very little in the cost between going to a smaller garage and taking your car to a dealer. There is a difference of just 6% between the two. This begs the question, is it worth taking risks with your car? If you go to a dealer you know that the service you will get is definitely to the standards expected by the manufacturer. Is a 6% saving really worth taking a risk with your car.


The mechanics that work in a dealership deal with just that make of car. They know all of the little idiosyncrasies that each particular model may possess and they can ensure that your car will get better treatment than it would anywhere else. It’s not just that the mechanics spend all of their time working on cars with the same make. They also tend to be factory certified so they have a higher qualification related directly to the make of car that you drive. This will ensure that your car is in the safest of hands.

Better Quality Parts

This one speaks for itself. When you get your cars serviced or repaired at the dealership, the parts that are put into your car are the absolute best quality. They’re the manufacturer’s recommended parts so you can rest easy that there will be no third party parts or any inferior products put into your car.

Superior Facilities

When you take your car to a dealer, the facilities that they have on offer are always top notch. It’s not just that their facilities are better than an independent garage, it’s that the facilities are tailored to deal with cars like yours. This instantly means that taking your car to a dealer means your car will be getting the absolute best treatment.

Better Customer Service

As dealerships tend to be directly answerable to the manufacturer of the car they tend to focus on quality customer service a lot more than other garages. This means that if you take your car to a dealer you know that you will be getting high quality customer service while it is getting fixed. This is something that is overlooked a lot in the motor trade, so if being treated perfectly is important to you, you should be taking your car to the dealer.

No matter what car you have you know that it will be in great hands if you take it to the dealer. Make sure that you look after your car and give it the kind of treatment that it deserves. Visit your dealer today.

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