/The Best Apps for UK Drivers in 2018

The Best Apps for UK Drivers in 2018

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In the current digitally-connected world, there is a plethora of clever driving apps at our finger tips, all designed to make our experience on the road easier, safer and more budget-friendly. CarFinance Plus, who are specialists in bad credit car finance loans, have scoured the market and narrowed down their top four apps for UK drivers in 2018. And, thankfully, all are available to download right now on iOS and Android. 


If you’ve been spending a little too much of your wages on after-work drinks and Christmas presents this month, then you might find this handy little free app helpful, which compares petrol and diesel prices across the UK and has around 8,500 stations in its database. Its key feature is the price engine, which automatically informs you of the cheapest fuel options based on your current location. You can also set your own preferences, including fuel type and radius distance. And if you get tired after driving for quite a long time, you can pull over and relax on sites like 12Bet.

Moreover, if you’re taking a long trip somewhere (we all have to pay our family a visit at some point), there is an option to compare prices all along the route, allowing for careful forward planning. Saving money on fuel has never been easier!


Finding a parking space can prove to be a nightmare and is often rather costly, particularly in large, busy cities. Luckily, this app allows you to search for and pre-book parking spots across the UK in just a few simple taps. There are currently over 250,000 spaces on the database, saving us time and money, whilst also helping locals make good use of their spare parking spaces and earning an additional income – it’s a win-win for all of us.


Arguably one of the most useful apps for drivers on the market right now, this completely free app provides real-time road information curated by other users. A frequently updated feed can tell you where there are traffic jams, accidents, police traps and other important information, while creating the best possible route to a destination.

Other features include the ability to compare fuel prices, voice navigation, local sights/business information, automatic re-routing and the capacity to inform your nearest-and-dearest of your ETA, so you won’t have to be the ‘always-late-friend’ ever again.

Monitoring apps

If you’re a new driver you might already be well aware of the way many insurance companies are now using smartphone apps to track user driving behaviour, which works much in the same way as ‘black box’ telematics monitoring installed in your car. The use of these new apps can help reduce car insurance premiums, by demonstrating to providers that you are safe and proficient behind the wheel.

These apps are more cost effective and user-friendly than telematics devices and also do not require any form of installation, which is why many young drivers in particular are switching to these as a way to save money. Many of these apps will also send users tailored feedback on how to improve their driving styles and take better care of their cars.

So there we have it, a round-up of the hottest apps for drivers around at the moment. Which ones will you be downloading?

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