/Car Trends at CES 2018

Car Trends at CES 2018

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The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has been showcasing the latest and future technological trends for many years now.  Since it emerged CES have played a pivotal role in giving us insights on car trends. Vehicles are now a major part of the exhibition as evidenced by this year’s event. CES 2018 was filled with exciting car trends including the following.

Autonomous Cars

Autonomous cars were the hottest trends at CES 2018. Autonomous driving had been a thing for the future, now that future has finally arrived. Japanese automotive giant Toyota showcased an impressive e-Palette that is fully-automated. The e-Palette concept vehicle is also a next-generation battery electric vehicle. Moreover, different tech companies like Lyft, Aptiv, and Nvidia (Graphics card manufacturer) showcased their tech products that help to make autonomous driving a reality.

Driver-Assisting Technologies

Latest cars at the CES 2018 show were full of driver-assisting technologies but none of them had online slots screens inside. These are technologies that make it easier for drivers to drive their cars. The technologies include self-parking, parking assistance, lane-switch assistance and car to car communication. Parking is now made easier due to innovations. The latest Mercedes Benz with self-parking capabilities can be parked using their car keys without a driver inside. Cars can now communicate with each other. Car to car communication allows vehicles to detect each other on the road.


Hands-free was a hot trend at the show with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on the dashboard of many cars. Amazon unveiled Alexa that works offline to allow the user to control car features like temperature and music using voice assistant without an internet connection. But you will need internet connection to access features like online real money casino gambling at sites like online casinos Canada. Soon car infotainment system will start to use both Google Assistant and Alexa via Android Auto.

Electric Car

The electric powered vehicles concept is still dominating the automotive industry. Carmakers like Mercedes, Nissan, Smart, Renault, Audi, and others are promising to introduce fully electric cars in future. The futuristic concept cars were showcased at CES 2018.

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