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Car Trends to Expect in the Future

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Automotive trends change each year and the industry keeps on getting better each year. We’ve noticed new car trends in 2017 including some new groundbreaking technological advances. Many automobiles companies showcased their concepts we can expect in the future. Here are some car trends that will change our perception when it comes to cars.

  1. Cameras and Sensors

Cars will be equipped with many cameras and sensors to assist when driving or parking. We’ve already seen different versions of cars with parking assist and sensors that detect objects. However, not everyone can afford these cars, we’ve seen some South African people winning massive jackpots at lotto and sites such as Punt Casino so that they can buy these type of cars. Future cars will be installed with cameras that can show where you are going through the screen. Automakers are working on enhancing driver’s safety by installing sensors that automatically breaks when an obstacle is detected.

  1. 100 % Autonomous Driving Cars

Different projects for self-driving cars are already underway and semi-autonomous cars already on the roads.  For instance, Tesla’s autopilot system allows the car to drive itself with the assistance of the driver. This has been a hot topic since the concept was first introduced. There have been few setbacks however autonomous vehicles are expected to roll out in the coming years. Self-driving will reduce accidents caused by human error and owners will be able to do other things like online casino gambling while being driven.

  1. More Connectivity

We can expect to see new connectivity features to allow access to personal devices and the internet. Every vehicle will have at least 4G LTE hotspot to access the internet in the cars. Improvement on car connectivity will allow customers to connect mobile devices to their cars.

  1. Driver-assist Features

Cars will become safer with features that assist drivers including light detection and vehicle to vehicle communication. The vehicle will detect the oncoming vehicles and automatically deem its lights during the night. Vehicle to vehicle will enable cars to sense each other to avoid a collision.


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