/Luxury Cars: The Cars of Royalty

Luxury Cars: The Cars of Royalty

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Gorgeous luxury cars are a delight to the senses – and we are sure it can make you turn your eyes, even if you are not that much into cars.

Since cars have become a daily essential for most of us, we tend to opt for one that is sturdy, durable and efficient at an inexpensive price. However, while we would focus on things like mileage, luxury cars don’t always do that. Instead, luxury cars are known for their features and what they have to offer. They are known for their design. And they are known for being owned by some of the most famous people in the world.

Luxury Cars – It’s Not Just About Today!

Male and female superstars and their super cars tend to follow trends instead of relying on the golden options in the car industry.

However, the numerous royal families across the world are surely living their lives to the fullest because they have some of the most beautiful classic cars you will ever lay eyes on. Take a peek.

The Royal Family of Jordan

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King Abdullah I has a wide collection of exotic cars that will leave you burning with envy. However, the 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is the pick of the lot with its 6-litre V8 engine and 380 HP. Amongst all the fine cars he has, the King has chosen this one to be the Royal Family’s official vehicle.

The Royal Family of Japan

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The Japanese Royal Family has chosen a custom-made Toyota Limousine to be their official car. With a host of eco-friendly features and latest technology developments, this car has energy-efficient engines. It can accommodate up to twenty people and moreover, can produce over 350 HP. The bulletproofing and special tires act as an added security measure.

The Maharaja Manoharsinhji of Rajkot

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India was once the land of kings and princes, but now you would not associate with royalty. However, that does not mean that the legacy of royal families has ceased to exist. Maharaja Manoharsinhji chose a Rolls Royce, also called the Star of India, to be his official vehicle. Painted in orange, the car was customized according to his wishes.

Prince Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi

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The Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG was created especially for the Prince. Also called the AS55K Yaas Edition, the car has a 5.5-liter V8 which can produce up to 620 HP. Moreover, the body of the SUV is made of carbon fiber and attached to high-performance tires. It also has twelve projector lamps in accordance to the Prince’s wishes.

Queen Elizabeth ll of United Kingdom

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The Royal Family has a large number of luxury cars in their collection. However, the Bentley State Limousine is one of the most iconic royal cars to be ever driven. It is a special edition vehicle which was customized for Her Majesty and she uses it for different occasions. It is heavily secured, but also extremely comfortable.

The Royal Family of Thailand

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The Royal Family of Thailand uses special editions of the Cadillac Limousine that run like a dream. They have “CEO Series” features and are designed with an array of luxury amenities. With aircraft composite rear doors, this car even looks absolutely stunning.

The Royal Family of Qatar

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They have chosen the lightweight Pagani Zonda Una as their vehicle of choice. With an incredible 690-horsepower, 7.3L V12 engine, the car is truly fit for royalty. It has been drenched in the royal family’s trademark turquoise body paint and looks flawless!

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