/Fleet Safety Begins With Proper Tire Maintenance

Fleet Safety Begins With Proper Tire Maintenance

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Fleet owners and managers are concerned with safety and reduction of cost in order to stay in business. Drivers, on the other hand, are also tasked to remain careful and observe any signs of problems with the vehicles they drive. According to experts, fleet vehicles should have all the amenities that make passengers happy such as EyeNet wireless internet and others. They should also perform to expected standards mechanically, and this is why we are going to discuss more about the tires. Since they come into contact with the ground at all times, they need proper maintenance to enhance the safety of the vehicle and access to fleet repairs whenever and wherever they are..

Checking Tire Pressure

The basic maintenance of any vehicle tire is to ensure that the tire has the right pressure at all times. Each vehicle has its recommended tire pressure indicated in the user manual or on a sticker near the driver’s door.  Most fleet managers have their own tire pressure equipment and a dedicated person to refill tires. Before embarking on a journey, it is crucial to make sure that all tires are checked using a machine rather than just eyes. Proper tire pressure not only enhances safety but also saves on fuel.

Routine Tire Checks

It is not recommended to fit a tire and wait for its lifespan to end while assuming that all is well. No, tires need a routine monthly check. More so, tires that are always on the road for long journeys like those on fleet vehicles must have a weekly check. Most fleet garages require their vehicles to rest one day in a week for a full check-up that includes the tires. This check assesses the wear and tear on the rubber as well as how well they sit on the rims. Signs of weaknesses or probable puncture must be addressed urgently without postponement. Ignoring the minor problems may lead to a tire bursting while on the road.

Proper Tire Repairs

Not all faults result in declaring the tire useless. Some minor punctures and tears can be repaired by the semi truck tire repair specialist with ease. Off-road fleet vehicles are more prone to nails and stone punctures in their tires than those used on town roads. The tire expert will make a decision on whether to repair the tires or not depending on the general standards the expert follows. According to the RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association), there is a manual for all recommended repairs for tires. Let your fleet mechanics follow this to the letter.

Buying New Tires

There are numerous brands of tires on the market today. Each boasts to be the leader in safety and durability. However, the truth only manifests itself after use. Instead of buying fleet vehicle tires blindly, especially if you are a first-timer, make sure you do some homework. See what other people and fleet companies are saying about the best tire brands on the market and see if their pros suit your needs. Check their cons and assess how they will affect your operations. Only buy new tires when satisfied that they will serve you well.

With the above considerations, you can be sure that the safety of your vehicles is well-cared for. At the end of the day, costs will come down, and profits will increase.

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