/4 Essential Tips on Car Care

4 Essential Tips on Car Care

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It’s common knowledge that routine washes and waxes will leave any car looking sharp, but what about those extra tricks that make a detailing that much better? There are many underrated aspects of caring for your car. Monthly mechanical maintenance, keeping an eye on fluids, and breaking out the tire shine are all at the top of the list.

Those common practices are routine for every car owner though. To reach the next level of car care requires some inside help. If you want your car to maintain that fresh-off-the-lot look, you’ll need to take advantage of some professional tips.

1. Whistle While You Wax

The average age of automobiles on the road right now is almost 12 years. That means that most vehicles you pass on a daily basis are over a decade old. And, that number is on the rise. While the average American used to purchase 13 cars in a lifetime, that total is now down to under ten cars.

New or used, many just can’t afford to bring home a brand new automobile every other year. That means maintaining the car you have is all the more important. Out of those vehicles that you pass every day, how many look like they are less than ten years old? Not many, right? You always notice the brand new, shiny looking models though. Now there’s a way to have that look for all 12 years you hold on to your vehicle.

With the car care supply industry growing at a record rate, there are more options than ever for taking care of your automobile. The key is to know all the secrets. Most people have the basics covered—it’s the details that slip below the radar.

So, how do care for your car thoroughly enough that it looks brand new? That’s easy. Just follow a few simple suggestions. If you haven’t got car wax to make your car look brand new, check out this car wax buying guide.

2. Protect the Clear Coat

Hand buffing is one option, but to truly get the perfect sheen you need an orbital buffer. The circular motion and steadiness of a machine-powered buffer delivers a shine that will surely turn heads. To finish off the job, make sure you use detailing towels.

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Regular house towels can leave micro scratches that dull the overall look. But, super soft microfiber detailing products are non-abrasive and safe to use. They’ll also absorb excess liquid, making them great for use right after washing. Grab a bottle of detailing spray to go along with your new towels. The simple spray-on-wipe-off exercise makes spot washes that much easier.

Perhaps the most important aspect of car protection is to make sure your car cover is weatherproof. This shield keeps your vehicle safe from any outside dangers. Whether it’s sap, moisture, pollutants, or debris, a cover will fit snugly around your car to block potential paint killers. It’s important to find a product that can stand up to all the elements. From snow to salty sea air and hot desert rays, a proper cover will defend your automobile from nearly any extreme condition.

3. Sweat the Details

Clean glass improves the appearance of any vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial that you maintain crystal clear windows. Add in a few bug wipes for the front of your car and a few headlight wipes to wash away the fog, and you’ve got the entire preservation package.

Not only will your car look great, but you’ll also extend the life of your vehicle to maintain higher resale value.

4. Plan Ahead

Some of these tips not only help the appearance of your car, but also the performance. A degreasing agent is at the top of that list. Cleaning your engine block will provide a polished look under the hood and protect your motor from impurities. If you want a pristine car that purrs, a degreaser is the answer.

Fabric cleaner is another product that falls under this category. Keeping your seats and inside material clean affords you long lasting use. Ditto for convertible tops. Simply pick out your favorite fabric cleaner and get to work on the inside or outside of your car. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

After you’re done, slap on a car bra to shield the front of your vehicle and take it for a spin. With the proper protection and care, your car will last a lifetime.

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