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How Many Kilometers Will I Get Out Of My Tyre

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This is a question that should be asked whenever you are considering replacing your tyres. Although the life of your tyre will be affected by how well you look after it, you should also consider whether you want high quality Pirelli tyres or a budget tyre.

The real issue when attempting to answer this question is that there are so many variables.

Driving Style

If you often spin the wheels and come to abrupt stops you will be shortening the lifespan of your tyres. You are also more likely to damage them if you drive on off road surfaces or if you tow a trailer.

By undertaking these activities you will be removing more rubber, effectively reducing the lifespan of your tyres. Indeed, different grit levels in your road surface will affect the life of your tyre.

It is worth noting that 60,000km is deemed as excellent for a set of tyres, but the conditions you drive in will make a difference!


It is worth noting that even though a tyre should last for approximately 60,000kms, the age of your tyres will also play a part in their lifespan.

Tyres are made of a variety of compounds, including rubber. These compounds have a set lifespan. After this time they will start to become hard and brittle, making it more likely that they will burst while you are driving.

The accepted age for tyres is approximately 5 years, after this time they are likely to be degraded and potentially dangerous; it doesn’t matter if you’ve done 10 miles or 100,000.

Most manufacturers will tell you that their tyres are good for 10 years; it is important to remember that this is the maximum and assumes they are perfectly looked after.

Use & Care

The most important factor in your tyres life is how well they are looked after and how often you use your vehicles.

The ultimate care will revolve round keeping your vehicle in a garage and protecting the tyres with covers to keep them warm. Sadly this is not practical or viable for most people.

However, you can visually inspect your tyre every week for damage, check the tyre pressures and ensure your car is handling properly. If anything appears to be amiss in respect of this then you should have the vehicle checked by a professional.

The Answer

The real answer to how many kilometres your tyres will last for will depend upon your style of driving, how often you drive and even the speed that you drive at.

There are too many variables to give an exact answer but your tyres should be comfortable giving you 5 years of life with an average of 10,000 kilometers per year.

But, the key to this is inspecting your tyres every week and taking prompt action if anything is amiss. Over inflation, under inflation and even tracking issues can seriously shorten the life of your tyres and damage your wallet.  If you spend out on decent tyres then look after them, they’ll look after you.

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