/Pirelli Has Invented a Tyre That Can Talk to Your Car

Pirelli Has Invented a Tyre That Can Talk to Your Car

pirelli at Pirelli Has Invented a Tyre That Can Talk to Your Car

Usually, when tyre manufacturers announce a new product to the market, barely anyone takes notice and instead, they continue to depend on the tyres they already have on their car. In most cases, new tyres look and feel the same as the set you already have, but Pirelli has now invented what many will consider to be the most innovative tyre design ever.

On a more serious note though, when Pirelli announced its idea of a tyre that can ultimately ‘talk to your car’ on the road, nearly all motorists were left in disbelief and even now, it’s hard to believe that a tyre manufacturer can produce a cyber product that can communicate with a vehicle.

Essentially, the idea of the Cyber Car – more like cyber tyre – is that within each tyre, there’s a sensor that records not only the internal pressure but the temperature, vertical load, wear and location too. Sure, Pirelli already has a system much similar – Connesso, which transmits the data back to the driver through the use of a smartphone app – but when you compare the two together, Pirelli’s Cyber Car is much better. Instead of including the driver, the Cyber Car excludes them from the equation and talks to the car directly without any human interaction at all.

Okay, so we have the basics and all the necessary facts but we’re missing its sole purpose. If we take this back to the beginning, Pirelli’s Cyber Car is able to directly communicate with the car without human interaction, therefore the tyre can establish when it’s cold outside and when the road is likely to be slippery – in this case, the tyre will tell the car’s stability control to switch to a winter setting to reduce the risk of an accident on the road. At this point, you’re probably thinking that a car’s thermostat can do just the same thing, but even so, the tyre can do so much more than that. If it can gauge the vertical load passing through it and the pressure, it can easily work out the circumference of the tyre which then helps to give a more accurate indication of its range.

“It’s clear that Pirelli is dedicating itself to the development of the Cyber Car with a close eye on the future and especially since the idea is mostly for cars that don’t really require a driver at all”, Matthew Karnes of Trade Price Cars explained. “If you think about it as logically as possible, in several years from now, perhaps some of the busiest cities we know will be home to driverless taxi pods and since there would be no human to pilot people around and check the car’s vital stats, the Cyber Car will have to maintain itself one way or another.”

The most we know about Pirelli’s Cyber Car is that it is currently undergoing tests with numerous car manufacturers – including EV makers and standard production cars – and that the data used to invent the idea of this tyre has been carefully selected from the lesson learnt with Ferrari’s FXXK track-only supercar. Since everything about Pirelli’s Cyber Car has been pinpointed already, all that’s left to do is wait and find out whether this new invention makes blowouts and breakdowns a forgotten concern with motorists or if it’ll prove to be a waste of money, dedication and time.

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